Cleaning My Windows With Only Water and Norwex!

How many times do you clean your windows in a month? How many times a year do you have to buy window cleaner and paper towels? How great do your windows look when freshly washed? Last question :)  How do you feel after cleaning the windows? Can you smell the cleaner, feel it on your hands, do you inhale what you are spraying?

I promise I have a reason for this long list of questions. But truly think about them for a minute. Many of us have been using “standard” cleaners for so long we haven’t stopped to think that there might be a better way. A greener, healthier, faster and cheaper way!

Want to clean your windows with just water AND have them shine like brand new? Than you have got to see what a Norwex basic package has done for my windows! Even the kids can help clean now.


I clean ALL my windows (and mirrors) with only water and my Norwex cloths!  The Enviro and Window cloths to be exact. I love the results! Check them out for yourself below. Continue reading

A Roomba for only $150, YES I DID!

You know that feeling when you are finally able to purchase something you have wanted for a long time? Something that you weren’t able to afford but really wanted!
I had that amazing feeling last month!  I was finally able to purchase a Roomba!

Roomba Deal

How was I able to afford such a luxury item while being a stay at home mom? My Norwex business did help. But the deal I got made it possible to convince my hubby! Continue reading

Spring and Summer Garden Preparation and Chores

I would like to introduce you to Anna, our guest blogger for today’s post.  Anna is a beginner gardener with a small garden in her backyard. She joins me today to provide you with her to-do list for late-spring and early-summer gardening chores.  You can follow her on Google+ -> Here 

Like your house, your garden also needs to be prepared for the spring and the summer. The rising of the temperature will tell you that it is time to prepare your tools and inspect your garden. It is necessary to take care of your garden now, so that you can enjoy the results of your hard work during the following warm months. There are some simple things you can do which, however, will be very beneficial for your garden. They won’t take a lot of your time and you will be definitely very happy later. So, roll up your sleeves and prepare for work.

The spring is the perfect season for the cleaning of all internal and external parts of your real estate property. Once you finish with the disinfection of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and all other premises of your house, you have to take care of the garden as well. Continue reading

Value Your Time

Do you know how much value your time is worth? Do you use the time you have to it’s full potential? I use to think the value of my time was my hourly wage at work. A raise meant my time was more valuable. Boy was I wrong! Now it has been about 3 1/2 years since I have had an hourly wage put on my time. I feel much better about myself and about how valuable my time truly is.

Do you put the correct value on your time? Do you ever think about how much one simple cost cutting measure can help your bottom line? Check out why you should

original photo credit: Tony Hammond

When you have the choice of what to do with your time and you take full advantage Continue reading