Sparkles Adventures in 2014, Part 2

If you haven’t checked out what Sparkles was up to in the beginning of Dec this year check out this post.

This year our Elf on the Shelf was keeping it simple. Much easier on a busy household, and the great news is the kids loves it. They were just as happy to find her peak out from under a hat as they were to see she TP’ed the Christmas tree!

Day 15 – The first day we have the tree up and Sparkles decides it needs to be decorated right away.

Elf on the shelf decorated our Christmas tree before we could.


Day 16 – Sparkles stopped by to visit baby Continue reading

Goodbye Disposable Cameras… Hello Hashtag photos

Does anyone remember when we took pictures on actual film, and to see them you had to print them off? You only had so much film and if you didn’t get a good shot you didn’t know until it was way too late. This reality is something our kids will never understand. Now you can take 20 pictures of the same thing and not waste a thing, odds are the photo will NEVER be printed. So what does all that have to do with wedding photos? Why are people stilling using disposable cameras to catch candid shots at their wedding? It doesn’t make sense when most people don’t print photos anymore. So how do you get great photos from your guests?  Say hello to the hashtag sign for wedding guests.

Goodbye disposible cameras, Hello hashtag photos! Save money and still collect photos from your guests

If you are familiar with social media you should be familiar with the term hashtag Continue reading

Frugal Country Style Outdoor Wedding Decor

How much do you need to spend on wedding decor? As much as you would like! I kept it low cost but beautiful. When you have an outdoor wedding you have the natural setting which is a great back drop already. We only added in a few personal touches and cleaned up the area. The result, a beautiful setting for a perfect wedding. The fact that we had great weather helped too.

Have an amazing outdoor wedding ceremony without breaking the bank. Continue reading

Sparkle’s Adventures in 2015

Sorry it has taken me so long to post about Sparkle’s hiding places this Christmas. This year the holidays were much busier with 3 kids around and my new business growing. Hopefully you are following my Facebook page I posted there everyday and you would have seen them in real time. I am still posting here so the ideas are easy to Pin and find for next year.

Here is what our elf on the shelf Sparkles has been up to the first half of December.

Day 8 – Sparkles was hiding behind our advent calendar. Reminding us that we hadn’t started counting down yet.

Hiding with our advent calendar. Sparkles our Elf on the Shelf sure does find funny places.

Day 9 – She sure look tiny in our Continue reading

Sparkles First Week Back With Us

Now that we are into the Christmas season our home is full of decorations, love and a funny elf named Sparkles! This year she it sticking mostly to a new fun game. Check out her hiding spots for the first week for 2014.

If you want to see where she is everyday please make sure you have liked my Facebook page. I try and post a photo there each day.

Day 1 – She took a safe hiding place on top of our entertainment system, on her first day back.

Playing Hide and Seek this year. Our Elf on the Shelf found a great spot for her first day.


Day 2 –  Great spot on day 2. I had to point the kids in the right direction. Continue reading