Reconnecting With Family… A to Z Challenge

With it being Easter weekend we are spending a lot of time visiting family. I have a very large extending family. I never see everyone as often as I would like to, and now as we are all getting older the extended family doesn’t always get together. I miss it greatly. For as long as I can remember every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas the whole family would get together; I got to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! As the years passed these family gatherings were the only times I would see my cousins. Now that I am “married” and have children I hardly ever see my aunts, uncles and cousins. Our family’s have just gotten too big, on my dad’s side I think there is over 40 of us if we were to all get together(my grandparents have 12 great grandchildren, and more to come)!

Reconnect with family

This Easter marks a big turning point in family holidays Continue reading

Awesome Deal on Ice Age Movie Set – Today ONLY

Amazing deal alert I had to share. Today only you can get a 5 disc set of all the Ice Age movies for only $31.99 and shipping is free. The regular price is $89.99.  This would make a great gift.


Check it out before the deal is gone, you can find it on sale at Amazon.  This set includes the blu-ray, DVD & digital copy of the movies Ice Age, Ice Age: The Meltdown, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Ice Age: Continental Drift, and Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special.


Quiet Time, The Best Part Of The Day For A Parent… A to Z Challenge

Quiet time, whether it’s nap time or bedtime is always awesome when you are a parent. When you are busy running around after a toddler that break in the middle of the day gives you the energy to keep going in the afternoon.

Quiet time, why I love nap time

Sometimes when the kids sleep it’s nice to cuddle up and join them for a snooze. It’s hard work being a parent you are aloud a rest too.

My favorite part about bedtime is not that I can wash more laundry and clean up the house (however these are great parts too) My favorite thing to do is watch them sleep. Watching a baby sleep is awesome. Even as that baby grows, even when they are a preteen watching them sleep is still a very relaxing way to pass time.

Quiet time, what I love about nap time and bed time

What is your favorite thing about quiet time?

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Parenting… A to Z Challenge

I think of myself as an attachment parent. To me this means that I do what is best for my child, always thinking about them before myself and getting back to a natural way of parenting.  For me attachment parenting is the choices I have made in parenting. This includes but not limited to choosing home birth, breastfeeding, leaving boys intact, responding to my babies when they cry, co-sleeping, baby wearing, practicing elimination communication and positive parenting. Does that mean that if you formula feed, use a stroller or had a c-section you can’t be an attachment parent? NO! The choices you make as a parent are hard enough, trying to fit a style of parenting perfectly is NEVER going to happen, it will only cause more stress.Always time for play Continue reading

Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet… A to Z Challenge

I was very stuck on the letter O. I turned to my Facebook friends for help. I got so many great ideas it was hard to pick just one.  I choose organizing as I had been planned on cleaning up my medicine cabinet and the time to stop procrastinating was now.

Turned out cleaning out my medicine cabinet was well needed. I found a medicine that expired in 2008! So lets dive into it.

Organize your medicine cabinet. Get rid of the old expired products.

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