5 Ways to Lower the Cost on Flowers

I like to have a nice garden, one with lots of color and life in it. However to get some of the really nice looking flowers you can end up spending a lot of  money.

I go at it with a different approach, the frugal way! So before you go racing off to the garden center for your flowers check out these ideas and see if you can save yourself some money too.

This one I got 2 as they attract Hummingbirds

This one I got 2 as they attract hummingbirds

1. Stick with perennials.

This has got to be one of the biggest money savers. Perennials are the flowers and plants that will come up year after year. So you only have to buy them once and enjoy them for many years. Some varies tend to spread, so in a year or two you can easily move them to another location if you like to change things up. Or if your like me you want them to spread so you don’t need to do as much weeding 😉

A Flower that My Grandma Gave Me

A Flower that My Grandma Gave Me

2. Get Extras from Family & Friends

I’m guessing if you enjoy gardening you have a few family members and/or friends who do too. And if they have had a garden for at least a few years odds are they have plants they are willing to share with you.

The first plants I got were from my mom, mother-in-law to be, grandma & neighbor. I started with a garden that only had a rose bush, hosta, some spring bulbs & a tall red flower I would get rid of if only the hummingbirds didn’t like it so much. In the first 2 years I added irises,  lilies, sedum, more bulbs, raspberries, mini carnations, evening primrose and a bunch I don’t remember the name of. I didn’t spend a dime on any of these they were all given to me by my fellow gardeners.

Ask your family and friends, if they have a well established garden odds are they have plants to share.

Candle Flower

Candle Flower

3. Classified and Yard Sales

Many gardeners end up with too much new growth in the spring, and find themselves having to pull out perfect plants. Some of these people will offer these free or for a very low price at garage sales and through on-line sales (eg. Facebook page, Kijiji).
This year on a local Facebook garage sale group, there was a woman who was selling hundreds of plants at $1 a pot. I went with a friend and got 10 new pots to add to my gardens.

My daughter grew this one for me at school

My daughter grew this one for me at school

4. Start from Seeds

Seeds cost much less than a flower that is already in bloom. It might take a little extra work, but the kids will love helping with it. You can use egg cartons with dirt placed on a waterproof tray. Than when it’s time to plant them outside you can plant the whole thing, as the cardboard will compost in the dirt.

Check the packet first some flowers (like sunflowers) you can plant the seeds outside once frost is gone and with water they will grow! No inside prep required.


5. Keeps Your Eyes Open

If there is a certain flower that you must have for your garden and aren’t able to find it using the previous tips, there is nothing wrong with going out and buying it for yourself. You can still save money by watching for it to come on sale. If it is a perennial perhaps at the end of the season you can get one at a further discount and enjoy it the following year.

This year I got 2 boxes of yellow tulips just from reading a billboard outside a local landscaper. They had the flowers left over from their display at the home show, the sign said “free display tulips, until gone” I pulled in and asked. I would have taken 3 boxes if I would have had more room in the van! So keep your eyes open you never know when a good deal will come your way.


What are some ways you save money on your flower garden? Would you add anything to this list?


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