A Roomba for only $150, YES I DID!

You know that feeling when you are finally able to purchase something you have wanted for a long time? Something that you weren’t able to afford but really wanted!
I had that amazing feeling last month!  I was finally able to purchase a Roomba!

Roomba Deal

How was I able to afford such a luxury item while being a stay at home mom? My Norwex business did help. But the deal I got made it possible to convince my hubby!

So here is the breakdown of how I got such a deal and the steps you can take to get an item on your wishlist.

I did some research first. I found out what model would be a good fit for my home. I wanted one in the middle range so that I knew it would be able to tackle all the dog hair in our home.  I shopped around to find out what the regular price was anywhere from $400 – $800.

Next I started watching for sales from a few companies that sold them. During this “searching” time I received my usual monthly e-mails from various places. One that caught my eye was my Petro-Points. I had enough points to redeem for a $250 Best Buy gift card! Needless to say I jumped right to the Best Buy website and checked out what they had to offer. At the time they had a few on sale but I wasn’t quite ready to purchase yet.

I let the idea sink in for a bit. While watching the Best Buy flyer every week to see if the Roombas were on sale. So once they were at a discount I was able to get a screaming deal on it!

How great was the deal? Check out this break down:

Regular Price:   $499.99

Sale Price:        $349.99

Taxes                $45.49

Gift Card:       – $250.00

Total cost:   $144.49


How is that for a great deal? Have you ever used points to make a large purchase? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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One thought on “A Roomba for only $150, YES I DID!

  1. Wow awesome deal!!
    I love pc points and save them up till Christmas time then I can cash in and get a large shop done for free 🙂

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