A to Z Challenge April 2014 Reflection

This was my first year participating in the A to Z challenge. I am so glad I participated in this challenge. I realized how much I have to write about and that visiting other blogs can easily be added to my schedule. The main thing I would change for next year is planning more post ahead of time. That would give me extra time to check out even more new blogs!

One thing I would love to see is a way to flag either dead links or pages not participating. Luckily as the month went on I didn’t run into as many but it made it hard to refer to the list to go back to my favorites. Something I did to find my way around this was to favorite the blogs I enjoyed.
I am looking forward to participating again next year for sure.

If you missed any of my posts you can find the whole list here.

Did you participate in the challenge? Would you do it again?

5 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge April 2014 Reflection

  1. Yes, I also got tired of clicking on non-participants! Glad you finished and participated. Good idea about planning posts ahead of time. I was so busy I could not, but I have plenty of time for next year’s challenge to prepare ;-). Cheers, mdenisec

  2. I took part as well, and enjoyed the challenge immensely. The thing that helped me the most was deciding on a theme (in my case, adjectives) and making a list I planned to use ahead of time. I just chose words as they popped into my head, without any rhyme or reason. I loved visiting many new blogs, and having so much new traffic come to mine, as well. – Fawn

  3. This was my first year in the challenge as well. before it started I had looked at some blogs and earmarked them to go back and read– of course I earmarked them by writing down their numbers,not their names. I gave up finding them again because all the numbers kept changing! Live and learn. 🙂
    Glad that you had a good experience.
    Mary visiting from The View from my World

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