A to Z Challenge For The Month Of April

This morning while checking out Twitter I came across a post by Because We’re Cheap about blogging A-Z next month. This caught my attention and I decided to check it out.

Once I got the basic idea I decided I was going to give it a shot.  So get ready for it I will be blooging during the A to Z challenge for the month of April.

So what is this A to Z challenge you might be wondering.  During the A to Z Challenge I will be posting every day in April except Sundays (we get those off for good behavior.) So it works out to 26 days in April matching the 26 letters of the alphabet.

I am excited to take on this challenge and hope you will enjoy it as well. Please feel free to provide ideas or ask me to post on a certain topic. I am really wondering what I will be doing for X, V and all the other odd letters, but am hoping my busy life will provide ideas.

If you are also a blogger and interested in more information check out A to Z Challenge for more info. Still some time to sign up.

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6 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge For The Month Of April

  1. Glad to see you joined in, Frugal Mom! Did you find the tips for smoother blogging on the A to Z site as well? The one that helped me most was to schedule in advance (and early in my day so people in more eastern parts of the world got it before their bed!). Have a great time – looking forward to reading your posts!
    Blogging from Alpha to Zulu in April!

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