Back To School Savings – Running Shoes

This time next week Liz will be back in school. It’s hard to believe that the summer is already done.
With school coming back in I had to make sure that she had everything ready that she needs for back to school. Luckily I’m able to reuse a lot of things she had last year as they’re still in good usable condition.
Her running shoes still fit but they look like they have been used. So I decided to revamp them so they look almost new. So I decided to try and clean them up they were fairly dirty and with the use of magic eraser I was able to get them clean in no time.

Clean Shoe

Sorry I missed getting a before picture of them dirty. I wasn’t expecting such a change, and I was just so excited about how clean they got.

To make them look like new shoes, we got her new laces at the dollar store.

All Ready For Back To School

All Ready For Back To School

So far I only had to spend a dollar, and I was able to get her new shoes for back to school. These will be her indoor shoes.

The only other things I had to buy new this year was a pencil sharpener and headphones for computer lab.
I might however pick up a backpack and lunch pail once the clearance sales start. Just in case these ones don’t last all year or to help me save money next year.

How are you able to save for back to school this year? Is there anything that you reuse that you wouldn’t normally?

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