Blogging From A to Z Challenge Accepted 2015

It’s official I bit the bullet and signed up! For the month of April I will be posting on my blog everyday (except Sunday we get them off for good behavior).  This year I am going to go with a theme. I just need to choose one. If you have any ideas, or anything you would like me to share let me know! Even a certain place you want to how I save money! (So many of the things I do are second nature I forget not everyone is doing them)

A to Z Blogging Challenge

If you don’t know what this challenge is you can see my first year intro here.


I am very excited to push myself to get back into blogging regularly again. I have been quite busy with starting my new Norwex business and now caring for a family of 5 (plus our 2 dogs) and I am sorry for leaving my readers with less updates.

If you are joining me in this challenge I would love to hear about it, share your link in the comments below so I can follow your posts too!


To check out last years posts see my 2014 Review with all my posts from April 2014.



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