Building our new Raised Garden Bed


Over the past 2 days Trev and I have spent all our time outside building a raised bed for my vegetable garden. It was so easy the first time we decided to build 2. This makes me very happy as it gives me more space to grow more fruits & vegetable. Which in turn will help us save money. Plus produce fresh from the garden is so much better than from the store.

This is what the space looked like when we started, I have used this space for growing mainly strawberries, raspberries & tomatoes. It is fenced off so that the dogs didn’t run through it.

Garden area before we started

Garden area before we started

I searched on-line (mostly on Pinterest) and found the way I thought would be cheapest and easiest to build. I followed the instructions found here. I started out by making a list of the items I would need so that I only had to go out shopping once. DON’T forget the screws as it would be a pain to have to make a special trip for them once you have started.

Here in town we have 2 places where you can get wood from, so before heading out we called to see which place was cheaper, we saved over $11 just for spending maybe 5 mins on the phone.  Savings could be even more if you are building more than we did.

Trevor got to work cutting the wood while I get the older garden cleaned up.

Trevor got to work cutting the wood while I got the older garden cleaned up.

We made a few changes to the original plan. Since the garden was going to be right next to the fence I didn’t want it to be 4′ wide so we shorten it down to 2′ x 8′. We built the box on the flat pavement so that the top would stay level. This was the part I think my son enjoyed the most.

I will hold this for you guys

I will hold this for you guys

To make it easier to build we screwed the short sides first, put both 2′ pieces on them, than joined them together with the long 8′ sides. You can see in the picture above the 8′ length is the only wood showing on the side that will face out I think this gives it a cleaner finished look. Another tip if you are using the dimensions we used is that the length of the 2′ boards are not actually 2′. We cut down a 8′ board and the actually length of each piece was 23 7/8″  this is to account for the thickness of the blade (so the amount you lose from making your cut)

Just 1 piece left than it's completely built

Just 1 piece left than it’s completely built

Once we had this one built we stopped for lunch and for William’s nap. During this time we decided it went together so fast (2 hours tops) that we would build the second one the same day.

So we got our finished one in place. It was not as heavy as I expected the 2 of us moved it no problem. Trevor ran back to the store to get more wood. and I dug the holes and got it leveled out on my own. It was possible to slid around on the grass with just 1 person.

Got it in place

Got it in place


I than filled the holes in with dirt and packed it down, to ensure it stays in place. There was also some spaces on the side that had to be filled with dirt too, but not too much.  This one was the easy one. I should mention that our backyard is not flat. The second unit was on a hill. We ended up digging deeper on one side so that it went into the ground almost 3″ or more on one side. It was so worth it though as it looks amazing.

2nd one

So we got both units built and into the ground in only 1 day. We could have finished them the same day but we wanted some time to relax and spend with the kids.

See my next post filling in our new garden beds for how we filled the beds. We didn’t spend any money on the dirt filling!


Side Note: The wood we used was a special “green” wood the sales guy said it is what they offer for garden beds and kids play equipment since the regular pressure treated is not save for growing food. We could have saved another $3 per board and used regular spruce, but might have only gotten a few years before it rotted, and it would not have looked as nice as this. The “green” stuff gives it a very nice looking finish.

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