Homemade finger paint – Fail!!

It was Nana Deb’s birthday so I decided that William would make a picture for her. With him being so young I choose to try and make my own finger paint, because odds were some of it was going to end up in his mouth. I remembered I had seen one on Pinterest so I turned to my trustly boards and found the recipe. I used the one found here.

There was no clear instructions on how long to heat it.  Until thick is not a very good explanation in my mind. This is my first attempt, it failed miserably (unless you want very chunky paint) so this more of a how not to do it.

I got together all of the ingredients. And put them in my small pot on the stove.

I then heated until thick… How thick? It did not say, when I started to see some chunks in it I figured that was thick enough, before that point it did not seem to thicken at all. At this point I took it off the heat and stirred it until it was all “thick”.

From runny to super thick in no time.

From runny to super thick in no time.

I then scooped it into the muffin tray to make it easier for my son to use the paints and mixed up the colors.
Ready for color

When it came to adding the colors to the paint I was very happy with the outcome. I would use the same ratio as the colors were very brilliant.
As you can see from the picture I used liquid food coloring.  I used the following quantities to get the colors I wanted:
Blue – 4 drops
Yellow – 3 drops
Green – 6 drops
Purple – 4 blue/4 red
Red – 6 drops
Orange – 3 yellow/2 red


The paint worked for this project however they were very chunky and you could not paint at all with the paintbrush. I’m very glad that I put him in the tub to do it. However even cleaning these gobs out of the tub was difficult.

Gobs in the Tub

The good news is it cleaned up off of him very easily and I’m able to use the muffin trays and paintbrushes again.

I plan to try this recipe again next time I need finger paint and I’ll see if I can perfect how long you’re supposed to “heat” to make it a usable paint.


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