St Patricks day handprint craft

Yesterday we decided to make a craft for St Patricks Day. I have wanted to do something with all the kids hand prints so this seemed like the perfect chance.
William is at an age where these are much easier to do. He doesn’t close his hand anymore and really enjoyed how the brush tickled his hand.
St Patrick's Day Handprint craft. 4 Leaf Clover with the kids handprints.
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15 Easter Crafts for Kids

Looking for a fun craft to do with the kids this Easter? Here are 15 crafts I found that would be great to try. The best part you should have most of the things at home already for most of them. Making them free to do!  Some might require purchasing a few items but they were so cute I had to include them.  Happy Crafting!

15 Easter Crafts for Kids, Most are made with things you might already have at home. Some very cute ones too.



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Snowman Family Christmas Ornament

I wanted to do a fun Christmas ornament with the kids this year to give as a gift to the grandparents. I found many on Pinterest and really liked the look of the Snowman Handprint Ornament. It looks like the original post was on this website.

The only thing that was wrong with this ornament was the fact that I have 8 ornaments to make and 2 kids. So that would be 16 ornaments all together. Seemed like too much to try and get done before Christmas. So I decided to make these ornaments personalized to our family. Each of our fingerprints for each snowman. 

Family Finger-Print Snowman Christmas Ornament - Great Gift Idea

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Car Seat Protector

We recently got a new child seat. When I removed the old seat I was shocked with what I found. I didn’t think that much stuff could possibly fall underneath the child seat. This is really only from about a year of use. And the picture doesn’t show all the dog hair that’s also there.

Make your Own Car Seat Protector. With things you already have at home!
I decided I needed to get something to protect the seat better, also with winter coming and William still rear facing I wanted to protect the car from muddy and wet boots. I remembered something that I seen on Pinterest about a protector for underneath child seats, and thought maybe I could make one. I wanted something that would be quick and easy to make as I hoped to start using the child seat right away. Continue reading