Newborn Diaper Liners, Make your own… A to Z Challenge

Newborn Diaper Liners – How to make your own

Most of my diapers are one sized pocket diapers with snaps. I love them however they don’t really fit until about 9lbs. This would make starting cloth from the start quite difficult. I needed something else for the first few weeks. ¬†Luckily I have a pile of prefolds and newborn size covers I had purchased when I first started using cloth diapers with my son. ¬†However I could never quite get the prefolds to fit in the shells and moved onto pocket diapers as my son grew so fast. This time I was going to make them work, I just had to figure out how.

Make your own Newborn Diaper Liners, Easy to follow sewing pattern

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Car Seat Protector

We recently got a new child seat. When I removed the old seat I was shocked with what I found. I didn’t think that much stuff could possibly fall underneath the child seat. This is really only from about a year of use. And the picture doesn’t show all the dog hair that’s also there.

Make your Own Car Seat Protector. With things you already have at home!
I decided I needed to get something to protect the seat better, also with winter coming and William still rear facing I wanted to protect the car from muddy and wet boots. I remembered something that I seen on Pinterest about a protector for underneath child seats, and thought maybe I could make one. I wanted something that would be quick and easy to make as I hoped to start using the child seat right away. Continue reading