Spring and Summer Garden Preparation and Chores

I would like to introduce you to Anna, our guest blogger for today’s post.  Anna is a beginner gardener with a small garden in her backyard. She joins me today to provide you with her to-do list for late-spring and early-summer gardening chores.  You can follow her on Google+ -> Here 

Like your house, your garden also needs to be prepared for the spring and the summer. The rising of the temperature will tell you that it is time to prepare your tools and inspect your garden. It is necessary to take care of your garden now, so that you can enjoy the results of your hard work during the following warm months. There are some simple things you can do which, however, will be very beneficial for your garden. They won’t take a lot of your time and you will be definitely very happy later. So, roll up your sleeves and prepare for work.

The spring is the perfect season for the cleaning of all internal and external parts of your real estate property. Once you finish with the disinfection of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and all other premises of your house, you have to take care of the garden as well. Continue reading


People rarely think about the positive things that leaves can do. Usually we are too busy complaining about raking them. Try one of these ideas for the leaves in your yard next fall before raking and bagging them.

Leaves, and what can you do with them?

FUN!! That’s right leaves are a lot of fun. You can rake them into a pile for the kids (and kids at heart) Continue reading

Make Use of Your Dehumidifier’s Water

Do you have a dehumidifier in your basement? Perhaps you have it set up to drain automatically, or you have to empty it down the drain every day (depending on how “wet” your place is). Did you ever stop to think that you could put that water to use?

Do you just dump your dehumidifiers water down the drain? Do you ever think you could be using that water? Find out how I make us e of mine.

If you live in an area where you have to pay for water. Than making use of your dehumidifier’s water can save you Continue reading

What Type of Things Can I Compost?

Do you know that there are many items that people throw in the trash that can be composted? Below is a list of most of the items you can compost. If you have just set up a new composter, or have been composting for some time now the items that you add are saved from the garbage and reused into the best soil for your garden (or indoor plants too).

What kinds of things can I add to a composter?  Keep these items out of the landfill where they wont decompose properly.

The best compost material is anything that will decompose and feed the soil. Continue reading

Composter Set Up

So you want to start composting but not sure where to start? Well here is the easiest way to get started. Buy or build a composter and start adding your organic waste to it! Yes it’s really that simple.  Where I live the city sells composters at a great price, but you can pick one up almost anywhere they sell gardening supplies. Here is one I found on-line so you have a price to compare to – Composter. Or if you would rather build one you can find many ideas on Pinterest but I liked this one by School Daze.

Start composting the easy way. How to set up a simple composter system in your yard. Somethign EVERY gardener should have

So you bought one now what?  You need to pick a place to put it in your Continue reading