Mother’s Day Card for Grandma

It has taken me until the end of today to post this as I wanted to make sure the 2 wonderful grandmas got the real card before seeing it on-line.  The best part about this homemade card is that it can be for any time; Birthday, Mother’s Day or just because.

My kids and I had a lot of fun making these cards. I love including the kids hand prints and foot print as it gives that personal feeling that you can’t always get with little ones who can’t color yet. However William was very able to add his coloring to the card this time.

Mother's Day Card for Grandma, Handprint and foot print flowers inside-grandma-card

Value of Your Time, Can You Afford To Stay At Home With Your Kids… A to Z Challenge

So you want to be a stay at home mom (or dad) but you just don’t know how you could ever afford it. Have you ever looked at how much it is costing you to work? That’s right it costs you money to work everyday. Especially if you have kids. Here is the break down I used when I looked at whether or not it was worth returning to work.

So you think you can't stay at home with the kids? Check out the break down of how much it costs you to work.

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Quiet Time, The Best Part Of The Day For A Parent… A to Z Challenge

Quiet time, whether it’s nap time or bedtime is always awesome when you are a parent. When you are busy running around after a toddler that break in the middle of the day gives you the energy to keep going in the afternoon.

Quiet time, why I love nap time

Sometimes when the kids sleep it’s nice to cuddle up and join them for a snooze. It’s hard work being a parent you are aloud a rest too.

My favorite part about bedtime is not that I can wash more laundry and clean up the house (however these are great parts too) My favorite thing to do is watch them sleep. Watching a baby sleep is awesome. Even as that baby grows, even when they are a preteen watching them sleep is still a very relaxing way to pass time.

Quiet time, what I love about nap time and bed time

What is your favorite thing about quiet time?

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Parenting… A to Z Challenge

I think of myself as an attachment parent. To me this means that I do what is best for my child, always thinking about them before myself and getting back to a natural way of parenting.  For me attachment parenting is the choices I have made in parenting. This includes but not limited to choosing home birth, breastfeeding, leaving boys intact, responding to my babies when they cry, co-sleeping, baby wearing, practicing elimination communication and positive parenting. Does that mean that if you formula feed, use a stroller or had a c-section you can’t be an attachment parent? NO! The choices you make as a parent are hard enough, trying to fit a style of parenting perfectly is NEVER going to happen, it will only cause more stress.Always time for play Continue reading

Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet… A to Z Challenge

I was very stuck on the letter O. I turned to my Facebook friends for help. I got so many great ideas it was hard to pick just one.  I choose organizing as I had been planned on cleaning up my medicine cabinet and the time to stop procrastinating was now.

Turned out cleaning out my medicine cabinet was well needed. I found a medicine that expired in 2008! So lets dive into it.

Organize your medicine cabinet. Get rid of the old expired products.

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