Great Direct Sales Trainers to Follow!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!!

I thought it would be helpful if I collected together all the amazing people I follow to help keep my business moving forward.  This list will be for the people I either follow on social media or get their e-mails regularly.  Take a look at what the offer and see if you see information you like than start following and see what you can learn!

Try not to go crazy signing up for every e-mail list! This can really clog up your inbox and becomes another distraction! I personally have other folders and rules set up so these informative e-mails go right to the training folder and I can look at them on my schedule.

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Credit card usage, are you looking out for you or for them?

Do you use your credit card regularly? They are almost a necessity now. You need to have one to book things, most commonly hotels or trips. Credit cards can be a very handy device to use. However if you don’t use them right they can end up costing you A LOT of money.
Learn how your credit cards can help you. Don't let them hold you back!

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Are Your Searches Giving You Gift Cards?

Did you know that Swagbucks search can now be set as your default search engine? That mean no more needing to go to their website to search. Any search you make from the address bar can now be a Swagbucks search, giving you the chance to earn Swagbucks each time.

Time to get paid to do what you already do online! Swagbucks can now be set as your default search. Find out what this means for you.

If you are new to Swagbucks check out my first post  -> HERE

To set Swagbucks as your deflaut search engine is very simple.  Go to your setting, choose “Manage Search Engines” Find Swagbucks under the list of “Other Search Engines” and select it.
Now you can use the address bar in place of going to the Swagbucks website each time you need to search. Every search done on your computer will now be a Swagbucks search. This means more winnings and faster earning of gift cards.

To make things even better they are offering a bonus promotion for everyone who sets up their default search and uses it between Oct 13 and 17th. You can enter 5 times a day. Each search from the address bar counts as an entry.

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Mighty Mascot Team Challenge on Swagbucks

Swagbucks is having another team challenge. So it’s time to make sure you join a team and guarantee your bonus points. On the Swagbucks home page above your daily goal is the button you need to join a team. To earn the bonus points you need to contribute at least 1 point to your team. Answer the daily poll for today and you have your 1 point.

What kind of bonus Swagbucks are you going to get? It all depends on what team you are on. 1st place: 25 SB 2nd place: 20 SB 3rd place: 15 SB 4th place: 10 SB. Top 5 team leaders also win bonus SB!

This challenge runs from Thursday, July 17th at 12:01am PT until Thursday, July 24th at 11:59am PT.

How you earn points for your team:

  • Answer Surveys: Get rewarded for giving your opinions and you’ll also contribute 4 pts to your team’s total score.
  • Encrave: Every time you earn SB interacting with Encrave activities you’ll contribute 3 pts to your team’s total score.
  • Games: Every time you earn SB playing games you’ll contribute 2 pts to your team’s total score.
  • Special Offers: Complete offers and earn SB on desktop to contribute 2 pts to your team’s total score.
  • Search: Search the web and every time you earn SB you’ll contribute 2 pts to your team’s total score.
  • Watch: Watch your favorite clips on SBTV and you’ll contribute 1 pt to your team’s total score.
  • Daily Poll: Take the Daily Poll and earn a Swag Buck plus you’ll contribute 1 pt to your team’s total score.
  • NOSO: Complete your daily NOSO and you’ll contribute 1 pt to your team’s total score.
  • Mobile: For every SB you earn from SBTV Mobile, Special Offers on Mobile, or EntertaiNOW on mobile, you’ll contribute 1 pt to your team’s total score.
  • Swag Codes: Every Swag Code you redeem adds 1 pt to your team’s total score.


If you are new to Swagbucks you can sign up and join this team challenge on the same day. What are swagbucks? Check out this post.


Swagbucks Bonus Event Dads VS Grads

Swagbucks is having a bonus event all this week, Dad’s VS Grads. Every now and then they have bonus events where you have the chance to earn some extra Swagbucks. This time they’re doing three of our favorite ways all at the same time. They have a team challenge, swag code extravaganza and collector bill’s. My favorite is the team challenges, just by joining a team and collecting just 1 point during the challenge you’re guaranteed to get the bonus Swagbucks. Do one of the daily polls and you’ve got 15 bonus points automatically.

3rd Annual Dads vs Grads Team Challenge (Tuesday, June 10th – Friday, June 13th at noon)

You can help your team earn points with the following activities Continue reading