Saving Money on Your Trash?!

Did you know that you can save money when it comes to your garbage? It may not seem like much but it can add up over time. It also helps the environment so it’s a win-win situation.

Is there lost money in your garbage? Check out some items you may be sending to the landfill way too soon!

Here’s a list of a few ways your family can reduce the amount of garbage that you’re putting out every week. The savings might be mostly for the environment, but your pocketbook will also be happy if you pay for garbage removal! All these items also have a dollar value! If not to you then to someone else!  (Yes even the compost is sold in stores)


Making sure to recycle everything that you can really cuts down on your household waste. Check with your local municipality to find out just what you can recycle in your area. Some of the items might surprise you.  For example we can recycle plastic bags and tinfoil. Why would you pay to get rid of this garbage if it can be recycled?

Compost/ Green Waste

If you’re lucky enough to live where they have green bins to recycle all your kitchen waste you should be taking full advantage of it! This is a great way to keep all of your compostable material out of the landfill. If you don’t live where a green bin program is in place you can use a compost bin. Composting is a very simple way to use your kitchen scraps and other materials. It also ends up giving you awesome dirt for your garden. When we purchased our composter it came with the book that had a full list of everything that could be composted. A few things that might surprise you is coffee grounds and dryer lint.

Electronic Waste

If you put batteries in it or plug it in odds are it can be recycled! All the electronics we use in today’s world can be taken apart once it’s useful life is over. The parts of the electronics can be recycled and used again in new products! In my area a few businesses have e-waste bins where you can drop off your old items for free. Even batteries & cables!


Donate Items

Do you have some clothes you will never fit into again, or perhaps they aren’t your style anymore? What about household items that still have lots of life left in them but are not of use to you any longer? All these items can be donated to a charity or thrift shop to be sold or given away to people in need. I like to donate my items to charities as I know any profit from the sale will go to a good cause!  No item that can still be used should end up in the landfill. There are so many people out there that could use them.


Did I miss any? Are there other items you use in another way to keep them out of the trash? I would love to hear about it the comments below.


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Open Up Your Windows!

Quick tip on this gorgeous Friday! Open your windows!

Opening a window can help you save on energy costs this summer

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What do you do to help keep costs low during the hot months?


is for Open