How can we help the Kids being Bullied?

I came across a video today that really hit home. At first a played it and didn’t like it. It seems like they were blaming the parents for why the kids are acting badly towards other kids. But I kept it playing as I did other things. As it played I heard an AMAZING message for ALL kids.

If we were to write down this message and have it posted for kids to see. If they read it just once everyday it would be in their minds. It would help them get through the bad days, it would remind them they are stronger than the words that other people say to them.

Please check it out. And if you agree with me at all please share it! I can’t believe this video has such a small number of views! This is something every parent and child should see!

Do you think if everyone believed this message that the world would be a better place? I think if we can stop giving bullies the reactions they seek, we can end bullying! What do you think?

What Message Are We Sending Our Daughters?

Do you ever say things to your kids just because it’s what you have always heard about yourself? Do you think these things affect how they feel. As a kid if you were told something over and over again did you start to believe it was true? The answer is probably yes. Now what if that thing you were told was a negative comment. Even if the person saying it wasn’t trying to put you down or hurt your feelings.

I have chosen to parent my children differently. A lot of my choices are not “mainstream”. This is great for my younger kids, they get mommy’s attention when they need it and how they need it. The problem is that I have not been parenting my oldest daughter in the same way. When you have been doing something for 9 years one way it’s REALLY hard to change. I am trying to make that change and it’s very difficult.

Perhaps by taking things one small step at a time I can become the mother I want to be with my oldest too. My fist step will be to not force her into what everyone expects her to be. She is who she is, yes there are a lot of people who don’t like who she is. The kids at school (she gets bullied), her teachers (she doesn’t preform in class the way she should), us (she never seems to listen or care about what we say). ¬†But that’s ok, she is perfect just the way she is. Perhaps if I can accept this (and stop seeing her faults as my failures) than maybe we will all be much happier for it.


These videos are what helped bring me to this conclusion. Maybe it’s time I start questioning the “norm” for my oldest as well.

I know they are commercials, but the message in them is so important that they are worth sharing.


Spring London Baby Expo – How was it?

This past weekend I went to the London Baby Expo. Trevor was stuck working so I took my oldest and youngest with me. Our active toddler William was much happier spending the day outside with Nana & Grandad. If we could have gone as a family it would have been a great day out! They had TONS of things for the kids to do with dad while mom checks out all information and does some shopping.

How was the London Baby Expo? Check out this post. Iyou missed it this spring make sure you check out the one in the fall

This is a few of the door prizes. Many vendors also had big gift baskets Continue reading