Storage For Your Cloth Wipes

If you are using cloth diapers it makes complete sense to use cloth wipes as well. It doesn’t require any extra laundry is your already washing your cloth diapers. I store my cloth wipes in a regular wipes container. I fold them so that they pop out just as if they were regular wipes. This makes diaper changes very quick and easy.

Folding and Storing cloth wipes, makes using them so much easier, just as if you were using throw away wipes

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Newborn Diaper Liners, Make your own… A to Z Challenge

Newborn Diaper Liners – How to make your own

Most of my diapers are one sized pocket diapers with snaps. I love them however they don’t really fit until about 9lbs. This would make starting cloth from the start quite difficult. I needed something else for the first few weeks.  Luckily I have a pile of prefolds and newborn size covers I had purchased when I first started using cloth diapers with my son.  However I could never quite get the prefolds to fit in the shells and moved onto pocket diapers as my son grew so fast. This time I was going to make them work, I just had to figure out how.

Make your own Newborn Diaper Liners, Easy to follow sewing pattern

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Learning To Cue Your Baby For Elimination Communication… A to Z Challenge

As promised here is the post on starting EC aka Elimination Communication. If you missed my first posts you can find out how I discovered EC and what exactly EC is from these links. This post will cover starting EC and learning your baby’s cues/ teaching them the cue you want.

Every baby gives cues when they need to go potty. Similar to the way they tell you they are hungry. Ever wonder why a newborn will pee as soon as you take off their diaper? They don’t want to use it, they were fusing to tell you they had to go pee.

So fussing is one sign but usually that doesn’t show up until they are use to peeing outside of a diaper. The easiest way to learn your baby’s cues is to let them have diaper free time. This can be a short as leaving them naked after a diaper change, or as long as a few hours on the playmat or in your lap.  (As I write this my little girl is napping in her “chair” without a diaper on!) Continue reading

Elimination Communication, What Is It? … A to Z Challenge

After my post where to spoke about how I discovered elimination communication, I got a lot of questions for more information; so here it is. Once I get enough posts out about EC I will do a large run down. So keep your eyes open for that in the future. 

So what is this elimination communication or EC I keep talking about. In short it is an alternative to diapers, the act of offering a more suitable place for your baby to go to the washroom. Sounds crazy right? Babies don’t know when they need to go to the bathroom. Well guess what they do, and they can tell us, if you are willing to listen and learn their cues. Now don’t go knocking it before you try it. Or at the very least hear me out and discover that everything we ever thought about babies and diapers is not quite the truth you thought.

What is elimination communication?

My daughter using the potty at 1 month old

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