5 Valentine Gift Ideas for School Kids

I really enjoy helping Liz get her valentines ready for school. I remember when I was a kid sitting at our kitchen table with my mom going thru the class list and making sure I had a valentine for each one. I can only hope that Liz will have the same memories. This year I have turned to Pinterest for ideas again….

Great ideas that your kids can take part in for creating a valentines gift for their friends, classmates and other family members.

These are some of my favorite Valenties gift ideas. I think they would all be great for a school aged child to make and give to their classmates.

Salt Dough Hearts! 

Make them into necklaces, bracelets, magnets, the possibilities are endless!!

salt dough hearts



Chocolate Covered Pretzels!

Yummy! And Festive!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Love Bugs!

How cute are these little guys!?

Valentines Love Bugs

Circle of Hearts Bracelet!

If you child loves Rainbow Loom this is a great option. Or if they are like mine and hardly ever touch it, it’s a great way to use up all the bands she “just had to have”

Cirle of hearts rainbow loom


Cupcake Holder!

What a great way to make sure everyone gets one and keeps them safe during their travel to the school and home again. *If they make it home 😉

Cupcake in a cup



Did you make Valentines with your child this year? Or do you have a favorite one you’ve made in the past? Share it below.




Easter Egg Hunt

Sorry this is a day late. I have been sick and that right after many family gathering has slowed me down. 🙁


One of my favorite parts of celebrating Easter is the egg hunt with the kids. This year we didn’t get out to the one in town was very cold out. But we did have an egg hunt at the in laws. And of course the Easter Bunny left lots of eggs for the kids to find.

The kids were so excited they didn’t even get dressed. They got straight to it.


easter egg hunt

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Sparkles Adventures in 2014, Part 2

If you haven’t checked out what Sparkles was up to in the beginning of Dec this year check out this post.

This year our Elf on the Shelf was keeping it simple. Much easier on a busy household, and the great news is the kids loves it. They were just as happy to find her peak out from under a hat as they were to see she TP’ed the Christmas tree!

Day 15 – The first day we have the tree up and Sparkles decides it needs to be decorated right away.

Elf on the shelf decorated our Christmas tree before we could.


Day 16 – Sparkles stopped by to visit baby Continue reading

Frugal Country Style Outdoor Wedding Decor

How much do you need to spend on wedding decor? As much as you would like! I kept it low cost but beautiful. When you have an outdoor wedding you have the natural setting which is a great back drop already. We only added in a few personal touches and cleaned up the area. The result, a beautiful setting for a perfect wedding. The fact that we had great weather helped too.

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