Reconnecting With Family… A to Z Challenge

With it being Easter weekend we are spending a lot of time visiting family. I have a very large extending family. I never see everyone as often as I would like to, and now as we are all getting older the extended family doesn’t always get together. I miss it greatly. For as long as I can remember every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas the whole family would get together; I got to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! As the years passed these family gatherings were the only times I would see my cousins. Now that I am “married” and have children I hardly ever see my aunts, uncles and cousins. Our family’s have just gotten too big, on my dad’s side I think there is over 40 of us if we were to all get together(my grandparents have 12 great grandchildren, and more to come)!

Reconnect with family

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April Fools Day… A to Z Challenge


This post has been posted during the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  It’s letter…..

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This year I decided to play an April fools joke on my daughter. Since she is usually up before me it had to be something I could do the night before. She usually gets her breakfast ready just before I come downstairs to join her so I choose a joke for the fridge.

April fools joke for kids, stickers in the fridge. Bugs and googly eyes.

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St Patricks day handprint craft

Yesterday we decided to make a craft for St Patricks Day. I have wanted to do something with all the kids hand prints so this seemed like the perfect chance.
William is at an age where these are much easier to do. He doesn’t close his hand anymore and really enjoyed how the brush tickled his hand.
St Patrick's Day Handprint craft. 4 Leaf Clover with the kids handprints.
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