Common Pregnancy Discomforts and Solutions

Pregnancy, for some women it is a time full of joy and pleasure.
Than there are women like me. Many times during our long nine months we are left wondering what we ever did to deserve such a horrible experience. The good news is we are not alone many mom-to-be’s experience the bad side of pregnancy, some worse than others.

It helps if you can remember that after enduring the discomforts for 9 months it will all end. And it will give you the greatest gift you could ever imagine.
I wish I had some magic solution that makes all the horrible pregnancy discomforts go away but I don’t, sorry 🙁 What I can offer you is how I have been able to handle the no so happy parts of pregnancy. Hopefully these are ideas you can use and they will help make these 9 months easier on you.

With this being my 3rd pregnancy and having countless friends with all different kinds of experiences I hope I can cover the most common problems and ways to find relief.

Pregnancy Shoot


I started with morning sickness and found I had lots to offer so it is a post all it’s own you can find it here.



When you are carrying around all that extra weight, and it’s mostly in the front, your posture really changes. This can in turn cause back pain. Trying to sit with correct posture can help with some of the back pain. My most noticeable relief comes with help from my chiropractor, and massage therapist. For bad back pain my chiropractor is a life saver. I waited too long to book my first apt to see her. I should have gone as soon as the back pain started. Once I got in to see her I was much happier, my back pain has since almost disappeared. The biggest change I saw was when it came to tying my shoes. Before my adjustment it was very hard and painful to tie my shoes, right after the adjustment I was able to tie them without the pain.
The massage really helps me to de-stress and relax I have gone about once a month as that is how much coverage we have.
I strongly suggest finding care providers trained in prenatal care. That way you know you’re getting the best care for you and your baby.



Odds are that you will have many sleepless nights. Loss of sleep is not fun. There are somethings you can do to help get more sleep, what you try will be based on what keeps you awake.
Bathroom visits – Getting up for bathroom breaks can be very bothersome. I have found that not turning on the lights helps me stay half asleep and I can get back to sleeping easier. I have heard that if you stop drinking a few hour before bed it saves midnight bathroom trips. But if I don’t get enough water I have worse problems than getting up at night, so I keep drinking my water right until I go to sleep.
Uncomfortable positions – Pillows, pillows and more pillows! A Full Length Body Pillow is great but I honestly never got one. I have two pillows under my head that helped with nausea and now to help with heartburn. A pillow for between your legs is a MUST HAVE. This could be your body pillow, or just a standard pillow. This helps keep things where they should be and just generally feels comfy. I also sometimes like to sleep half on my back, I accomplish this by either leaning on Trev or having a pillow along my back/hips to keep me on an angle. Sounds weird but it’s a nice change some night from sleeping on my side.
Leg cramps– Knock on wood I have avoided major leg cramps this pregnancy. During my last pregnancy I had some so painful I woke up Trev to help massage them out. The trick that is working for me this time around is not pointing my toes when I stretch. I make sure to flex my food flat every time I stretch. I know this is helping as if I start to point my toes I feel the cramps start. When I did have cramps I found that flexing and pointing my toes helped if the cramps were small. For large ones massaging and a flexed foot helped it pass faster.



Yes I know no one wants to talk about this but it’s a very common problem pregnant women have. The best advice I have is to keep drinking water. Due to our digestive tracts slowing down in pregnancy we are much more likely to have this problem. If you have already gotten “backed up” the solution that I found to work was prune juice, the pure prune juice not a cocktail one, mixed half and half with apple juice. I drank it with ice so that it was very cold and a straw. All I could taste was the apple juice! This helps after having a problem for only a few day. Now if you let it go on with no relief and get to the point where you are in tears while trying to go to the washroom your going to need more than just juice. My midwife said I could take a stool softener, NOT A LAXATIVE! I just went to the parmacy and asked what they recommended. I got the standard store brand stool softener, took 2 as package said and had 2 large glasses of prune/apple juice. This did the trick, no more tears in the washroom.
Another thing that helped me get back on track was a tummy massage. It was just right timing, the day after I tried the softener. She was able to massage my tummy to help get things move along. The same day I finally found complete relief.

I have not included the issues I feel are covered very well in every pregnancy book ever. But if you want to know my solutions to any other pregnancy discomfort(s) please leave a comment below and I will offer you the solution(s) that worked for me.


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