Benefits Of Having A Composter

Did you know that having a composter for your garden can actually save you money? If you garden at all a composter is a MUST have for your yard. I honestly can’t think of a negative thing about having a composter. (If you don’t like the way they look you can put it behind a shed out of view)

4 Benefits of having a compost bin

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Here are the top 4 benefits of having a composter. If you can think of any more please share them in the comments below.

Benefits of Having a Composter

1.   Saving Money On Garbage

All the items you add to your compost are being saved from the garbage. If you pay for your garbage bags this can help save lots over the course of a year. (We definitely had more garbage this winter while our composter was buried in snow and we were unable to use it.)

2.   Save Money On Garden Soil

The purpose of the composter is to turn all the food scraps and yard waste into soil. This is also the best kind of soil, rich in many nutrients. Perfect for your garden.

3.   Saving Items From Going Into The Landfill

Most of the things you add to your composter would have ended up in the landfill. These kitchen scraps are placed in plastic bags and not exposed to the proper environment to decompose. Making them hang around taking up space much longer than they need to.

4.    It Helps Your Gardens

I have found after a few years of growing vegetables that the ones that grow the best are located closest to my compost bin. I believe this is due to the good bugs hanging out close by. I have heard this from many gardeners so I know it’s not just luck.


Keep your eyes open for my upcoming posts on what you can put in your composter and caring for it. I will link to this post when they are live!


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4 thoughts on “Benefits Of Having A Composter

  1. I wish I had a composter…I have a compost pile in my garden, but it is not as efficient as a composter would be. But I always feel rather superior when taking kitchen waste out to my compost pile — I know I am doing the right thing for the environment, for my soil, and for my grandchildren. Nice post today. – Fawn

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