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So you want to start composting but not sure where to start? Well here is the easiest way to get started. Buy or build a composter and start adding your organic waste to it! Yes it’s really that simple.  Where I live the city sells composters at a great price, but you can pick one up almost anywhere they sell gardening supplies. Here is one I found on-line so you have a price to compare to – Composter. Or if you would rather build one you can find many ideas on Pinterest but I liked this one by School Daze.

Start composting the easy way. How to set up a simple composter system in your yard. Somethign EVERY gardener should have

So you bought one now what?  You need to pick a place to put it in your yard. You want it close to your garden so you don’t have to move the dirt too far. But not too far from the house either as you will be carrying food scraps out. There really is not a right or wrong place to keep your composter, find a place that works for you and your needs.

Now if you want an easy to use system that requires the least amount of work you many want to consider getting a second unit. Why you may ask? Well if you fill one up in a year, it might be filled up before it has time to break down and give you enough soil.  So you fill one up, let it compost while you fill up the other one. You will still want to try and stir BOTH, but this gives you the extra time for the first one to compost.  This is the case for me, I never remember to stir it, so it doesn’t break down as quickly as it could.

If you are looking for a different style of composting or for more information on setting up your composter the book Composting Inside and Out: by Stephanie Davies has 14 different styles of  composting. Including with bins, heaps, containers, trenches and more. If you are looking for something different check out her book. She also covers composting indoors.

If your in doubt about starting composting remind yourself of the benefits of composting. It’s a very easy practice to start and the benefits are long term, for both you and the planet.

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