Coupons, How do I use them, and where do I find them

One way that I save money is by using coupons. I LOVE coupons! I wonder why I ever shopped without them. When used correctly you can save a lot of money on your grocery bill. You can also get coupons for restaurants and specific stores.
Cpons! How I use them to save money!

There is so much to couponing. You need to know where to get them, how to organize them, when and where to use them. To learn to coupon in a way that will truly save you money requires a blog all it’s own. Lucky for you I know the best ones to get the best information. (These are sites about couponing in Canada)

Mrs. January – She posts quite a lot. Including new coupons as they come out, sales and deals retailers are having, coupon info and tips, recipe and craft ideas. One of my favorite posts of hers is the coupon match up she does every week. She goes through the flyers and matches sales and coupons so you never miss a good deal or free product.

Coupon Christine – She posts mainly coupon only info. So less posts than Mrs. January. She recently did a series of post to introduce coupons in an easy to follow way. You can find these posts here, start with #1. Coupon Christine also does a coupon match-up for Ontario flyers and a  “where is the cheapest price list”. These are very helpful for price matching.

There are many more blogs out there, but they all post the same coupons so there isn’t a need to follow too many. I get all my coupons just from following these 2 blogs. Make sure you follow them on Facebook too, as some of the best coupons “sell out” quickly. Both sites post on Facebook as soon as said offers are available. You can follow other couponers on Facebook so you never miss a quick coupon offer.

This is the best place to start if you are interested in couponing to save you money. Good luck and if you have any questions I’m willing to offer help finding the answer 🙂

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