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I thought it would be helpful if I collected together all the amazing people I follow to help keep my business moving forward.  This list will be for the people I either follow on social media or get their e-mails regularly.  Take a look at what the offer and see if you see information you like than start following and see what you can learn!

Try not to go crazy signing up for every e-mail list! This can really clog up your inbox and becomes another distraction! I personally have other folders and rules set up so these informative e-mails go right to the training folder and I can look at them on my schedule.

Who Do I Follow and gain great information from??  (In a random order based on the last e-mail they set me)

Eric Worre – Network Marketing Pro            Find him on Facebook -> Here

The book Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional is a very easy read and I totally recommend give it a chance. It helps you see your business as a business. And in turn give you a much higher income!  His e-mails give you a link to his newest post and I like that they are videos so I can listen to it while completing other tasks!


Belinda Ellsworth – Step Into Success    Find her on Facebook -> Here

I got to hear Belinda speak when I first started my business! WOW this women has a great passion for the direct sales business!! She is a MUST follow for systems and information to help you grow your business!  She also is the author of Direct Selling For Dummies.


Julie Anne Jones – Website    Find her on Facebook -> Here

She sends out amazing blog posts every week.  Always full of very helpful tips and training! Every year she does a great summit with Belinda and many top leaders in direct sales!


Party Plan Divas –  find them on Facebook -> Here

I loved her planner!!! She has some helpful tips. Use to give out a daily e-mail with great tips but I haven’t seen one for a bit. Her monthly e-mail does have some great tips, same as her Facebook!


Deb Bixler – Cash Flow Show – Find her on Facebook -> Here

Deb has a weekly radio show you can listen to for free! Her blog is also full of a wealth of information! Although a bit tricky to search starting at the blog and searching makes it easier. Her end of the year blog hop is always a blast! I even won last year and was featured on her radio show because of it!!  Want to check it out? She has posted it on her blog here.


This is a selection of the people I get regular e-mails for that are all based on training and information on growing a successful direct sales business!  I will be added more as they come across my e-mail!  Also look for future posts on similar trainers for growing your social media side of business and positive mindset!  Yes these are also very important part of your business!

Would you add anyone to the list?  Make sure you tell me about them in the comments below so I can take a look!

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