DIY Fridge Turned into a Snowman

I have seen a few pictures of snowman decorations for your fridge and always thought it was a very neat idea. As getting Christmas decorations into the kitchen can sometimes be tricky.
Since I couldn’t find one in the stores or on-line I decided to make my own. And while I was at it I made it a part of my Elf on the Shelf’s nightly adventures. It’s to bad she will get the credit but we do what we need to to keep the magic alive.

I had some old magnets from various places I have kept with our craft stuff for projects like this. You will also need some colored construction paper, fabric, glue and a glue gun. If you don’t have fabric construction paper will work just fine.
Make a Snowman for your fridge

Cut out all the pieces you need from the magnet first. 2 eyes, 6 circles for mouth, 4 buttons and 4 rectangles for hat, nose and scarf. (Might need more rectangles if using construction paper for scarf)
Once you have the magnets test them out on your fridge, if them seem too small just make sure to cut your paper bigger.
Next get black construction paper and cut out the eyes, mouth, buttons and hat. Make sure the paper will fully cover the magnet shape. Do the same for the carrot nose with orange paper. I cut the carrot shape out of construction paper and stuck it on a rectangle magnet.

Turn your fridge into a snowman craft

For the scarf I measured the fridge and added extra to give it a tail. I made my tail approx. “. My fabric was this length already so it worked out. Once I had the thickness chosen I cut the fabric to size. I then used the hot glue gun to glue the fabric to the magnets. (regular glue did not hold the fabric on).

Make your fridge into a snowman!

Now all that’s left is to clear everything off the fridge and make it into a snowman.

Turn your Fridge into a Snowman.

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