Do You Recycle in the Bathroom?

If you have been to my house and used my bathroom you might have noticed I have 2 “garbage” pails. Although very few people ever ask me why. I do have a very good reason for having 2 pails in there.

Why you should have 2 "garbage" bins in your bathroom. Here's a hint they aren't both for garbage :)


Everyone has a garbage pail in their bathroom right? But do they have things going into it that doesn’t belong in the trash? Go now take a look 😉 The 2nd most common item in the bathroom garbage is usually the cardboard toilet paper roll. How many people take the time to change the roll, let alone take it all the way outside to the recycling box? Not very many, right? So they usually end up in the trash. Then head to the landfill. Just adding to an already growing problem.

So how can you make sure these things end up in the recycling? I tried to keep a pile on my counter and take it out regularly. (big fail, I always forgot and the pile just kept growing) So I figured bring the recycling bin to the bathroom. And the easiest way was to add a second pail, just for recycling. The results? Better than I could have imagined.

Why you should have 2 "garbage" bins in your bathroom. Here's a hint they aren't both for garbage :

Not only did we start recycling our toilet paper rolls, we now also had a easy to reach spot for empty shampoo bottles & toothpaste boxes. We use it for any recyclables that are closer to the bathroom than the blue box outside. Once a week (or as needed) we take it outside and dump it into the large recycling box. Simple!

It benefits the environment, less trash in the landfill! And benefits me, better planet for my kids and less money spent on garbage removal (we have to pay for how much trash we throw out)


What do you do with the recycling in your bathroom? Tell me about it in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Do You Recycle in the Bathroom?

  1. Since our big recycling bins are in the basement, near the laundry room, and, since our laundry basket is in the bathroom, i just throw the recycling in the laundry basket. When I take laundry down to the basement, the recycling rides along, and i toss it in the big recycling bucket as i sort laundry.

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