Elimination Communication, What Is It? … A to Z Challenge

After my post where to spoke about how I discovered elimination communication, I got a lot of questions for more information; so here it is. Once I get enough posts out about EC I will do a large run down. So keep your eyes open for that in the future. 

So what is this elimination communication or EC I keep talking about. In short it is an alternative to diapers, the act of offering a more suitable place for your baby to go to the washroom. Sounds crazy right? Babies don’t know when they need to go to the bathroom. Well guess what they do, and they can tell us, if you are willing to listen and learn their cues. Now don’t go knocking it before you try it. Or at the very least hear me out and discover that everything we ever thought about babies and diapers is not quite the truth you thought.

What is elimination communication?

My daughter using the potty at 1 month old

Did you know that there are many places in the world where they do not diaper their infants? Places where disposable or cloth diapers aren’t available; many parts of Africia, Asia & South America.  These mom’s don’t get covered in pee and poop, even though their children do not wear a diaper! They use intuition, timing & cues to know when their baby needs to eliminate. When the time comes they hold their baby into the position of choice and offer the “cueing sound” and their children pees or poops.

Why do we believe babies can’t control their bladders at a young age? Mainly because we as a society have been told this and we believed it. Watching your baby for cues is much more work than just letting them go in a diaper. So just like we always do, we took the easy way out. Now it is standard practice to diaper our babies, and very few people question the idea of leaving their child in a wet or dirty diaper for hours. Because it’s just what we do, it’s what we were raised to believe is “normal”.    **I hate the word normal, NOTHING is really “normal” 🙁

Gets you thinking doesn’t it?
Now I’m not saying it’s easy to learn your babies cues. Or that you will be able to have your baby out of diapers in a week. What I’m saying is that they do know, from birth, when they need to go and if you can get “in-tune” with them you can offer the potty instead of a diaper.
That is elimination communication. The act of offering the “potty” as an alternative to diapers.

We practice EC part time. Our baby gets some diaper free time and is in cloth diapers the rest of the time. Using the same approach with our son he was using the potty for poos since he was 6 months old. He was able to get to the potty on time if he was diaper free around a year old. Now at 2 years old he only wears a cloth diaper to bed and he’s able to get most pants up and down to use the potty himself! So even part time EC can have amazing benefits.

Want to learn more? Check out my previous post on how I discovered EC it has the books I read that started my EC journey. Or this post for how to start EC.


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  1. I have a young friend who uses this method with her baby. It seems worth a try. If they are introduced to the potty from the start, there are pathways being formed in the brain. Should help later on when they understand more.

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