Father’s Day Card By a Toddler

This year for Father’s Day I wanted to do something fun with William. He’s still too young for a lot of craft idea I have, so we stuck with a card. It’s something fun to make that didn’t require a lot of attention or time; perfect for a toddler. I hope daddy will like it.

A Father's Day card that a toddler can make. Fun playful craft that a 2 year old can make with only a little help.

I used construction paper as I have lots of it hanging around. Card stock might have been a better option to help support the macaroni.

I used regular white glue and wrote “DAD”. I then let William pick what macaroni pieces he wanted to put on.

Father's day card craft for a toddler to do

I let the first one “almost” dry, than I followed with the next DAD. The sprinkles were a tons of fun to use. This was his first time using sprinkles and he wanted to use LOTS. I used our punch to make construction paper confetti for the final DAD on the father’s day card.

Father's Day Card. Simple craft a toddler can make for dad this father's day

William didn’t enjoy it as much as painting, but he still had fun shaking everything onto the card.

Father's Day Card that a toddler can make. Great craft for the little kids

Have you made a card or craft this father’s day? Or do you have another tradition that you involve the kids in for making dad’s day extra special?


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