Filling in our new Raised Garden Boxes


This post is the continuation of my previous post Building Raised Garden Beds.

On the second day of our new garden project we finished up preparing for the dirt and getting the dirt. I followed the directions from this website, with a few changes. One idea that I really liked the idea of was the bird netting/row covers. So I got a piece of 1″ PVC cut it into 1′ sections, than attached it the boxes. We had to push most of them into the ground so that they didn’t stick out over the top of the box. We attached them with some all around strapping (galvanized so it wont rust). This was cheaper than straps and we have lots left over for future projects. Just 1 strap close to the top was enough to hold them in place.

Can you see the pipe on the sides

Can you see the pipe on the sides

As you can see in the above picture I did not use landscaping material. Instead I used newspaper. I had it at home and it was free. I used approx 10 layers (total guess :)) and soaked it with water from my rain barrel  This will kill all the grass and weeds below it. You can also use cardboard if you have more of that available. I should mention that I used mostly black and white papers, not the colored flyers. The die from them is better left out of my garden.

Than all you need a lot of dirt. There are of course many place you can buy dirt, either in bags from home improvement store, or garden centers. Or in large bags or truck loads from landscaping companies and on-line companies. However all of these routes will cost you money. And if you read my last post you will no that I got this dirt for free! How much dirt?

Truck Load of Free Dirt

Truck Load of Free Dirt

I was say a lot of dirt 🙂 Here in town the dump collects all of our yard waste, they leave it to compost. Once it is usable as compost (dirt) they make a big pile that anyone can take and use.  All you have to do is shovel it yourself. They also have wood chips available. We also got some of them as well. But they are under all this dirt.

This trip we were very lucky, when we where about half way done one of the workers came over with a big digger and put 2 scoops right into the back of our truck! It was great. Not something that happens usually so we were very excited about it. Once we got it home and into the garden beds it ended up being just enough, plus some for some bare spots in our yard. Thanks to that extra help that we got.

All done and ready for seeds

All done and ready for seeds

Here is the finished product, I was so excited I started putting the plants back in before getting a picture of them full.

You might not be able to tell from the picture but there is a space between the fence and the boxes. This is were we put the wood chips. That way we wont have grass or weeds grow in that area.

I am very happy with the result and they came together much faster than we expected. Now to finish planting in them and wait to collect all that fresh garden produce!


Do you plant a vegetable garden? What are you growing this year?

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