First Step

So I need to get things in order. To make my life easier, and to ensure I can continue to stay at home with the kids. I was going to start with doing up a proper budget. Even had most of it all written out. All I had to do was some research and put it in motion. Well then tonight I had to take the garbage out.
I know your wondering what that has to do with out finances. 🙂 But I had to clean stuff out of the fridge and I had to toss ½ a container of cottage cheese, and a whole container of sour cream cause they had both expired 🙁

A tub of cottage cheese.

A tub of cottage cheese. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I HATE throwing out food. So this was not a happy moment for me. I decided I would start here with our food. I am going to have to start planning our meals. I have seen many different options for doing this, and will try a few of them out and let you know what worked for us and what didn’t. Hopefully I can find something simple that is easy to follow and allows for last minute changes, as we live in the real world and plans change sometimes.

So I am looking to Pinterest and previous things I have tried in hope to find a plan that work for us.

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