Frugal Country Style Outdoor Wedding Decor

How much do you need to spend on wedding decor? As much as you would like! I kept it low cost but beautiful. When you have an outdoor wedding you have the natural setting which is a great back drop already. We only added in a few personal touches and cleaned up the area. The result, a beautiful setting for a perfect wedding. The fact that we had great weather helped too.

Have an amazing outdoor wedding ceremony without breaking the bank. Just somepersonal touches and you have a great location for a outdoor wedding ceremony.

The week before the wedding was spent weeding, planting, cutting grass and weed whipping.  The result was a well manicured property that still looked natural.
COST: $11 on some fresh colour annuals (thanks to it being the end of the season in Aug got a steal on these)

Just nature makes the perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

We borrowed 3 hay bales from the neighbor, put our hashtag sign, seating sign and bubbles on them. We added 2 of my mother in laws flower pots to either side of the bales for some color. This gave all our guests the info they needed for the ceremony. Saved confusion and no need for a program.
COST: $3 for bubbles and ribbon. We used picture frames from our home.

Wedding Decor for Outdoor Ceremony.

To mark the aisle we had a friend make shepard hooks for us. They ended up being the perfect size and held our mason jars at the height I wanted. What went into our mason jars? Check out this post to find out. (post coming soon)
COST: Case of beer for the hooks, $5 mason jars, $20 on fake flowers and $5 on ribbon and wire.

Simple can still be beautiful at a wedding. No need to go broke for ceremony decor.

We did rent some chairs for our guests to use during the ceremony. They worked fine on their own no covers needed. (With our short and sweet ceremony the chairs were used for maybe 45 min tops)
COST: $80

It was very simple decor but the place looked great! I was so happy that the weather was nice and we were able to use this location. You don’t need to spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to have a beautiful ceremony. If you are not as lucky as us to have a friend or family member with property most cities have parks you can use. In town you can use the park systems free of charge you just need to notify city hall so the space doesn’t get double “booked”.

Did you have a low cost or do it yourself wedding ceremony? What is your number one tip for brides looking to keep their costs low?

Many thanks to my in laws and Trev’s aunt and uncle. Without them the yard work and set up would not have been possible.
Original photos credited to L.I.F.E Photography & Promotion. Carrie did an amazing job taking photos for our wedding and I wouldn’t have many of these to share if it wasn’t for her.

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  1. We had a medieval themed wedding in the near by park in a grove of peppercorn trees, you can read about it in my post and see pics in letter H, for the whole day, food, decorations, wedding celebrant and clothing the whole lots cost us under $5,000 which is cheap for w medieval production. It really was a brilliant day.

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