Goodbye Disposable Cameras… Hello Hashtag photos

Does anyone remember when we took pictures on actual film, and to see them you had to print them off? You only had so much film and if you didn’t get a good shot you didn’t know until it was way too late. This reality is something our kids will never understand. Now you can take 20 pictures of the same thing and not waste a thing, odds are the photo will NEVER be printed. So what does all that have to do with wedding photos? Why are people stilling using disposable cameras to catch candid shots at their wedding? It doesn’t make sense when most people don’t print photos anymore. So how do you get great photos from your guests?  Say hello to the hashtag sign for wedding guests.

Goodbye disposible cameras, Hello hashtag photos! Save money and still collect photos from your guests

If you are familiar with social media you should be familiar with the term hashtag (#). If not check out this post that explains it very well.

All you need to do is choose a hashtag for your wedding (Make sure you do a search for the hashtag you want to use. That will ensure it is not already in use.) Than find a way to get the information to your guests. I used PicMonkey to make this sheet, than stuck it in a frame I had at home.  It was displayed at the ceremony and reception. You can also include info in your wedding invitation.

It’s a great way to get extra photos without having to spend money on disposable cameras.

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