Have you Ever Had a Detox Bath?

I had a detox bath the other night. And it was not quite what I expected 🙂

I found the instructions for the bath on Pinterest  Here: Take-a-Detox-Bath

So I followed the instructions to prepare the bath (I used ginger but no oils) I got my candles set up, got my music playing. I even had a book so I could sit there for the full 40 mins.

Time to relax

Time to relax

So I got in, it was very warm, and they aren’t joking when they say you start sweating in the first few mins, after maybe 20 mins I was no longer able to read. Than I got bored, tried meditating but I didn’t want to pass out either 🙁 So I moved around a bit, rested my head on the side of the tub. I started wondering how long I had been in there I was sweating like crazy and was so bored! Next time I must set a timer!!

SO I figured it must have been long enough so I laid down again (trying to keep hair out due to the salts, NOT an easy feat) Than my heart started racing, not sure if that is normal. So I pulled the plug and decided to get out.

giant bathtub

As warned in the article I got out slowly, and boy was that a good thing I was soo loopy! So I sat down on the bathmat wrapped in a towel to try and get my bearings. I was still sweating like crazy! I wasn’t sure if I could mange the stairs in my “state”. By this time I had finished the drink I brought in, and since I was so thirsty I filled the cup up in the sink, finished that in what felt like only a few gulps.

How much water I drank!

How much water I drank!

Finally I decided I was ok for the stairs and made my way down in only my towel (all the while praying my neighbor wasn’t over to see me dressed like this). I walked to the couch laid down on a blanket, covered with just a towel and asked for another drink. I just laid there, no way I was going to be doing anything else tonight, and it was only 9pm!

I’m not sure what happened first the sweating stopping or me passing out 🙂 But Trevor woke me up and provided me with my final glass of water, and we went upstairs to sleep. I was still very hot but at least the sweating had stopped.

So would I do it again? Yes I would, I know that all that sweating was very good for me. But there are a few things I would do differently and I will share them with you. So if you ever try this bath you are properly prepared!

Drink a glass of water BEFORE the bath, yes a whole cup!
Have 1 or 2 glass while in the tub or right after getting out
Set a timer! You will want to know when your 40mins are up
Plan to go to sleep right after Detox Bath, I didn’t even want to look at my phone when I got out.

I will have to see if I can find a waterproof book or maybe a magazine for next time as I needed something to do while just sitting there 🙂

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