How to Save Hundreds on Your Wedding Dress

For many brides the wedding dress is one of the biggest parts of the wedding. Because of this it can eat up a large part of your wedding budget.
This however doesn’t need to be the case, there are many ways to save money on your wedding dress. Continue reading to find out more.

Save Hundreds on Your Wedding Dress

You can find a number of beautiful dresses online or in thrift stores for much less than a new one. Kijiji or Craig’s list are two great options. Sometimes you can find one that hasn’t been worn. Weddings get cancelled and brides sometimes change their minds about THE dress. It’s nice to find one locally so you can try it on before purchasing. I was able to find my dress for only $80 on Kijiji. I would LOVE to show you a picture but you’ll have to wait till after the wedding to see it.

Sample sales can be a great chance to get a wedding gown for 50% off or more. The dresses that they sell at these sales are usually discontinued styles. They are the sample dresses that the store has brides try on to select their dress, so you need to make sure you check your dress before you buy it to ensure there are no serious tears or stains. This kind of sale can be very busy, so make sure that you know what you’re looking for when you go in.

There are number of websites where you can purchase your dress online at a discounted rate. The downside to this is that you cannot try on the dress so you should probably go to a dress store first. That way you can try on different styles to make sure that the style you think you want looks good on you. For example my sister was completely in love with a certain style of dress but when we went out shopping it ended up that she hated the way it looked on her. Had she purchased her “dream dress” online she would’ve ended up needing to buy a second one. You should also make sure that you factor in the cost of shipping.

Save hundreds on your wedding dress

What she wanted, vs what she looked good in

Have you seen that show something borrowed something new? It’s a show where a bride picks between a family member dress that has been altered or a brand-new wedding dress. There’s nothing wrong with getting married in a dress that your mother or aunt or even grandmother wore. Depending on the style of dress you may be able to wear it as is, than it would be a free dress. Or you can have it altered into a dress style you prefer. There are many seamstresses out there that can help with this.

Maybe the store your at doesn’t have sample sales. They may just have their old sample dresses aside for brides to find on their own. Asking about this option can get you straight to the deals. Going during the off season will better your chances of finding more options. I know someone who got her dress for $300 by finding it on a “clearance” rack.

You can get a gorgeous dress at an affordable price, you just need to look a bit harder.

Did you get a great deal on your wedding dress? Share how in the comments below.

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