How to Survive Horrible Morning Sickness

Originally this wasn’t going to a post of it’s own. I was working on general pregnancy problems and thought I could cover them all in one post. Well I quickly learnt that I had A LOT to say about morning sickness. It makes sense after all I spent 3 months on the couch battling to keep my eyes open. So here is the first post on common pregnancy problems.

Morning sickness, in my mind the worst part of pregnancy. Mostly because it lasts the longest. When it comes to morning sickness I am one of the VERY unlucky ones. This pregnancy even on prescription medication I was extremely sick. I was able to hold food down but I wasn’t able to hold my head up. There are things I wish I would have known before, and things I did that helped. I will offer help for the women who are similar to me, very sick and unable to function. If you are only a little sick count it as a blessing.

If your planning a pregnancy, or as soon as you get the positive test start preparing for the worst. My number one piece if advice is stock your freezer with pre-made meals. They come in very handy when you can’t stand the smell of food cooking.
Also try and finish up any unfinished projects. Maybe gardening or a sewing project, if it’s important to you than having it done before you get too sick to finish is your best option.



From approx. 6 weeks until I was 4 months the couch was my best friend. My number one tip is to get rest, it’s the only thing that really helped me. With each pregnancy I found that I was much sicker than the one before. I believe a lot of this has to do with the rest I was getting. (1st – worked 8 hours slept the other 16, 2nd – worked 9 hours, was a mom to 7 year old 4 hours & napped while she watched tv, 3rd – kept a toddler alive while I felt like I was dying 24/7)  I was lucky enough to have a fiancee who kept the house in somewhat order so that I could get rest, and keep food down. Without him I’m sure I would have ended up in the hospital as the days he worked were always my worse days.

So sleep when you can, if you have small children block them in a safe room with you and rest while they play. If at the end of the day the only thing you accomplished was keeping food down(for the most part) and keeping the kids alive you have had a successful day. Don’t beat yourself up about the laundry and dishes they will still be there when you are feeling better. 😉


Drink water, than some more, and than some more. When it comes to eating don’t stop till it’s time for bed. I found the best way to keep from being sick was to continually have food or drink going down. I never ate full meals as a full stomach made me feel worse. I just snacked constantly throughout the day. You could almost always find food within arms reach of me. (This includes in the bedroom for the morning snack before getting up) There are many recommended foods (crackers, ginger anything, toast, etc) I found the only thing that worked was eating anything I could stomach at the time. Toast was a big one for me but mainly because it’s fast to make. It’s also easy to eat a piece of toast than an hour later have another one. So find the foods that work for you and make sure they are easy to get. Keeping your fluids up is VERY important too. Especially if you are throwing up a lot. Keep drinking to avoid dehydrating yourself. The Gatorade sports drink is a good option if you can’t keep food down both my doc and midwife suggested it. It is very important to keep the water or drink going in, even if it comes right back up!
Mints or another hard candy helped when I was out, I was so sick of mints once I was able to survive in public without them.


The prenatal vitamins I took made me feel worse, sometimes just swallowing them would cause me to throw up. The only way I could keep the vitamins down was to take them right before bed, with lots of water, and to wait awhile before laying down. When I got to the point where I couldn’t stomach them any longer I started taking 2 children’s chewable. I have since found prenatal gummies and would recommend them as well if you can’t handle the regular ones.


It’s perfectly normal to ask for help from your other half, or family & friends. Most people will offer their help and it’s ok to say YES. Don’t feel bad about accepting help. It does not make you a failure in anyway. If help is not offered it’s also ok to ask for it. See if your parents want to take the kids for a few hours so you can have a nap, or a sleepover would be even better. If you can’t keep up with housework and can’t imagine asking family to help there are many housekeepers out there that charge a reasonable amount. You might have an easier time relaxing if when you go to the bathroom it’s nice a clean.


Try not to be hard on yourself if you are so sick you can’t get things done. It’s hard work for your body to create another person. Remember that for most women the morning sickness will end (usually around 3-4 months) and when it does you can get caught up on the things you missed doing. When that time comes take it slow, as your not likely to get your energy back all in one day. To see how I got caught up check this post out.

Horrible Morning sickness and ideas to help. Frugal Full Time Mom

Even our dog knew how bad I was feeling

I promise that no matter how bad it gets, that it will end. Maybe at 3 months, maybe at 5 months, maybe even heaven forbid at birth, either way the “morning” sickness will pass. In the end it will be worth it, that baby will be worth the months of dry toast and ginger ale.

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