Learning To Cue Your Baby For Elimination Communication… A to Z Challenge

As promised here is the post on starting EC aka Elimination Communication. If you missed my first posts you can find out how I discovered EC and what exactly EC is from these links. This post will cover starting EC and learning your baby’s cues/ teaching them the cue you want.

Every baby gives cues when they need to go potty. Similar to the way they tell you they are hungry. Ever wonder why a newborn will pee as soon as you take off their diaper? They don’t want to use it, they were fusing to tell you they had to go pee.

So fussing is one sign but usually that doesn’t show up until they are use to peeing outside of a diaper. The easiest way to learn your baby’s cues is to let them have diaper free time. This can be a short as leaving them naked after a diaper change, or as long as a few hours on the playmat or in your lap.  (As I write this my little girl is napping in her “chair” without a diaper on!)

WAIT!! No diaper isn’t that going to be messy? It doesn’t have to be, I use cloth pre-folds under her to keep the area dry if I don’t “catch” the pee in time. A visual is always best to show this. Here is my girl today having some diaper free time.  Can you see the pad under her. I like to use pre-fold diaper pads as they absorb everything, keeping the area clean.

Learning you baby's cues for EC. And teaching them the cue to use. #Elminiationcommunication

While she is having diaper free time I try to watch her to see what she does before peeing. Some babies squirm, kick their legs, stop moving/playing or have a look of concentration. Every baby is different.

So she was naked, and on the pad, and she peed, I missed seeing her cue, is it a waste? No! As long as you follow the main reason for diaper free time, TEACH YOUR BABY THE CUE FOR PEEING. When you see them pee (or feel it, if they are on your lap) make a “pssst” or “sss” sound, when they go poop you can use “ca-ca“.  Doing this every time they pee or poop will condition them to understand that sound means it’s time to go potty.  That way when you offer the potty, making that sound will tell them it’s time to go!  Try not to use go “pee” or “poop” as these are words they hear on a regular basis and will confuse them.

Holding them in a squat or potty position also helps tell them it’s time to go.  I still use this position with my 2 year old, keeps him off public toilets 🙂

Learning you baby's cues for EC. And teaching them the cue to use. #Elminiationcommunication

My son when he was regularly held in the potty position for a pee.


If you are interested in finding out more I would strongly suggest checking out a book on elimination communication. It will cover all the topics you need. I LOVE reading Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene by Ingrid Bauer. She goes into the history and research about it so you truly understand how natural EC can be.

**NOTE: I practice elimination communication part time. This means when my baby is not having diaper free time she is in a cloth diaper.  Cloth is recommended so they feel when they are wet. Disposable diapers absorb the liquid so baby can’t always tell. You will find you are changing diapers a lot (ensuring they are always dry and clean). Cloth is nice for the almost catches so you don’t feel like you “wasted” a diaper on a tiny pee or newborn wet fart.

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