People rarely think about the positive things that leaves can do. Usually we are too busy complaining about raking them. Try one of these ideas for the leaves in your yard next fall before raking and bagging them.

Leaves, and what can you do with them?

FUN!! That’s right leaves are a lot of fun. You can rake them into a pile for the kids (and kids at heart) to jump into. You can also rake them into a “house” piling the leaves into walls. You can also use them to make bed’s and other furniture. The kids can spend hours playing and them messing up all their rooms.

Mulch them! There is so much good stuff in the leaves. Your grass can only benefit from the leaves being left to compost. We simply cut the grass and allow the lawn mower to chop the leaves up for us.

Cover your garden for Winter. The added layer of warmth for a garden in our harsh Canadian winter can only help them. In the spring a fresh coat of dirt and a good mix will ensure all the nutrients in the soil for the plants you are growing.

Compost them. When you compost you need to have a good mix of greens and browns. Dead leaves are a great source of browns. If you have the space a spot just for dead leaves makes it easy to add them to your main compost as they are needed.

We usually only ever have bagged leaves left from Halloween! The rest of ours end up mulched up and composted. It’s great to know my lawn is benefiting from this free resource!

What do you do with the leaves that land on your yard in the fall?


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