Make Use of Your Dehumidifier’s Water

Do you have a dehumidifier in your basement? Perhaps you have it set up to drain automatically, or you have to empty it down the drain every day (depending on how “wet” your place is). Did you ever stop to think that you could put that water to use?

Do you just dump your dehumidifiers water down the drain? Do you ever think you could be using that water? Find out how I make us e of mine.

If you live in an area where you have to pay for water. Than making use of your dehumidifier’s water can save you money. I hope you can put one of these ideas to use. No point in throwing away water that could be used.

The way I use the water from my dehumidifier is dumping it into the washing machine. The water is nice and clean, so it works just fine to clean your clothes. It doesn’t take much to dump the water into the washing machine instead of the laundry tub. They are right beside each other.
Dump the water from your dehumidifier into your washer. Saves you some money every load.

The second use for your dehumidifier’s water is for water your plants. You can use it on your indoor plants or take it outside and water your flower or vegetable garden. My mom dumps the water right into her rain barrel. When most people would be out of water she still has lots available.

Do you make use of your dehumidifier’s water? I would love to know how you put it to use. Please tell me in the comments below.


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