Money Rebate Apps, Save Money At The Grocery Store

Here is a list of my favorite coupon rebate apps for saving money at the grocery store. I always check these cash back apps when I am checking flyers to make my weekly grocery list.

Apps that give you cash back on the groceries you buy. The end of cutting out coupons, just take a photo of your receipt and get cash back. It's that easy.

These apps are sort of like have electronic coupons, but you don’t have to deal with them in the store. How these apps work is you buy the product(s) from the weekly list, once you are done at the store you open the app and upload your receipt. Your rebate is then checked on their system to ensure you purchased the proper item and once approved the rebate amount is added to your account. You can shop at any store you choose, yes that even means Costco.

Once you reach a certain amount in your account (usually $20) you request a check and they send you your rebate total. Very simple and easy to use, if you have a smart phone and can take pictures you can use these apps.

Checkout 51 – Very easy to use.  Every week you have the option to upload any grocery receipt over $60 for the chance to win $500! I have already gotten many checks from this app.

Snap by Groupons – Tons of offers in this app, many are available for more than just 1 week. They also have a lot of bonus offers, sometimes only open for 1 day so make sure you check the app before shopping in case there is a new bonus item you might be able to use.

CartSmart – Doesn’t offer as many rebates as the other apps. You need to add the items you purchased to a grocery list, then submit your receipt. This app also gives you the option create a full shopping list and view flyers, all in one place!

Zweet – This app is newer to me, but the rebates look good so far very similar to the other ones.

PC Plus – If you shop at any of the Loblaws stores (except No Frills) you can collect PC points even if you don’t have a PC debit or credit card. Every week you can load new offers to your mobile app, then purchase the items. 1000 PC points = $1, you can redeem the points in store starting at $20.

I personally use all these apps to get cash back when I’m shopping.

Make sure you follow the app specific guidelines. Each offer is time sensitive so if you see one you like, make sure you claim it right away.  If you have any questions about these let me know and I can help you out.

I plan to share more apps I use to save me money but I’m currently on the hunt for a new price book app. Do have a favorite app that you use to help you save money while shopping? I would love to hear about it.

Checkout 51 Offers

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