Money Savings in the Laundry Room

There is a lot of ways to save money every day when it comes to laundry. Here is a list of some things that I do as much as possible to save money. Some are simple things you can do with every load!

1. Wash everything in cold water.
Everything that I wash in our house is washed with cold water, except for cloth diapers. I don’t buy the fancy laundry detergent for cold water, or use any additional stain remover’s (Unless there is a stubborn stain than I deal with it as needed) I have never had a problem with laundry not coming clean.


2. Always run a full load.
It takes the same amount of energy whether you run a medium load or a full load. So you might as well run a full load to save running extras. The other day I actually had this happen where I was doing a load of towels and had some more space so I threw in some colors to fill up the load.
The only time that I don’t mix loads is cloth diapers and work clothes/rags, for obvious reasons.

3. Only use the amount of laundry detergent that you need.
If you look at the cup you will notice that there markings inside of it for each load and that none of these markings actually fill up the cup completely. For the detergent that I buy a regular load actually only needs about half a cup. So if you’re filling the cup up fully you could be using twice as much as you actually need. A trick I used was to fill the cup at the med level, if that worked well I try and use a bit less, or a little bit more if it didn’t work. Once I found the right level for a standard full load I marked the cup. I now follow that mark when measuring out the detergent.

4. Hanging laundry on the clothesline.
Whenever the weather is nice hanging laundry on the line saves the cost of running the dryer. I also have a drying rack in the basement, that I use to hang up diapers and part loads on rainy days.

Save money in the Laundry Room!

5. Dryer setting. When you do use the dryer make sure u don’t have it running longer than needed. Most dryers now have a setting where once the clothes are dry it turns off automatically. If your dryer does not have this setting check what option on your machine is the most energy efficient and use that one. Every dryer is different.

6. Dry loads of laundry back to back. When you use your dryer do a few loads in a row. Once the first load is dry get your next load in right away while the dryer is still warm. That way you’re not wasting energy warming up the dryer with every load.

7. Dryer sheets and dryer balls. Dryer balls are definitely a better option to use then dryer sheets. You only have to buy them once and then you can use them for many years. They are also better for your dryer as the dryer sheets leave a film on your filter. If you must use dryer sheets, you can use them for more than one load or depending on the sheet you can rip them in half or thirds to make them last longer.

8. Time of use billing. Where I live we have time of use billing. Because of this I always make sure that I do my laundry during off peak times. I have made it part of my bedtime routine, to throw a load of laundry in the wash and if needed the one from the previous day into the dryer. I do this before I go to bed since off-peak for us starts at 7 PM. By doing a load a day it’s also not as overwhelming. As having to do like seven loads on the weekend can seem like a TON of work.

These are things that I do to help me save money on laundry. Some of them are very simple and can make a big difference.

Do you do anything else to help you save money on laundry? I would love to hear about it.

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3 thoughts on “Money Savings in the Laundry Room

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  2. I make our laundry detergent.
    3 TBS super washing soda
    3 TBS Borax
    3 TBS Blue Dawn dish detergent
    1 gallon water
    Sometimes I Will add calgon or oxiclean

    1-2 cups per load

    Its been about 2 yrs since I bought detergent

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