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Newborn Diaper Liners – How to make your own

Most of my diapers are one sized pocket diapers with snaps. I love them however they don’t really fit until about 9lbs. This would make starting cloth from the start quite difficult. I needed something else for the first few weeks.  Luckily I have a pile of prefolds and newborn size covers I had purchased when I first started using cloth diapers with my son.  However I could never quite get the prefolds to fit in the shells and moved onto pocket diapers as my son grew so fast. This time I was going to make them work, I just had to figure out how.

Make your own Newborn Diaper Liners, Easy to follow sewing pattern

I had a bunch of Zorb still so I decided to make my own liners. That way they would fit into the small shells unlike the prefolds I had. I measured my smallest diaper shell it was 4″ x 11″, This is the size I went with for my pattern. You can find the pattern I used here**. I than cut out 2 layers of Zorb & 2 layers of the fabric. (I used fabric I had kicking around. You could also use older shirts to give them a second life)

I sandwiched the Zorb between the two layers of fabric. Than I stitched around the outside. My sewing machine has serger stitches so I used that. You can use a zig-zag stitch if you don’t have the serger stitch on yours. The trick about this part is to make sure that the layers all stay together. You want to make sure the Zorb stays covered. It is designed as a hidden layer, so it will not stand up to the washing on it’s own.      NOTE* If you have a serger using it for this step would be a good idea.

Make your own Newborn Diaper Liners, Easy to follow sewing pattern

That’s it you are done making your liner!

I have used these inside my newborn shells from the time my daughter was three days old. One thing to consider is that it is best to run the new liners through a few washes so that they gain absorbency. Just like most cloth diapers they become more absorbent after a bunch of washes.

The finished liner inside my smallest diaper, (Bummis newborn size)

Make your own Newborn Diaper Liners, Easy to follow sewing pattern

I am now using these liners inside my smallest pocket diapers for my baby girl. They are great as they are a smaller size than the standard microfiber insert that came with the pocket diapers. But will only hold so much liquid so once baby is bigger I will start using the standard microfiber liners that came with my diapers.

Happy Sewing!


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