Our Elf On The Shelf – Week 4

This was the forth week that our Elf was around. Continue reading to check out her adventures of this week. Links to previous weeks are posted at the end.

Day 22 – She made Liz’s lunch for school, complete with candy canes.

Made the Kids lunches with candy canes. Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Day 23 – Watching Christmas movies.

Watching Christmas Movies. Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Day 24 – Playing games on the DS.

Playing on the DS - Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Day 25 – We had made cookie dough this night. When we woke up we found Sparkles with all the things we needed to cut and decorate the cookies.Got the ingredients for decorating cookies. Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Day 26 – Having a Zipline ride in the bedroom, on a Candy Cane.

Candy Cane Zip line ride. Elf on the Shelf Ideas

If you have missed the previous weeks here are the links Week 1,  Week 2 & Week 3.

Check out next week for the last of Sparkeles adventures before returning to the North Pole for the year.


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