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I think of myself as an attachment parent. To me this means that I do what is best for my child, always thinking about them before myself and getting back to a natural way of parenting.  For me attachment parenting is the choices I have made in parenting. This includes but not limited to choosing home birth, breastfeeding, leaving boys intact, responding to my babies when they cry, co-sleeping, baby wearing, practicing elimination communication and positive parenting. Does that mean that if you formula feed, use a stroller or had a c-section you can’t be an attachment parent? NO! The choices you make as a parent are hard enough, trying to fit a style of parenting perfectly is NEVER going to happen, it will only cause more stress.Always time for play

I feel that I am doing what is right for my family. I realize that all to quickly my kids will grow up, my sleepless nights will end, the messy house will be clean, the warmth of having them in my arms will come down to only a quick hug. I will spend what little time I have with them making them as happy as I can and really enjoy time with them. It’s how I would want to be treated if I was dependent on someone else.

Positive Parenting, how much parenting choices have been made, and why I chose attachment parenting.

Movie night with our oldest

This parenting style is a big part of why we have chosen for me to stay at home with the kids. I want to be there for them until they no longer need me. The money I would make outside the home isn’t worth the time I would lose getting to know my kids. We have had to make sacrifices to make this happen but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The dinners out, newest a greatest gadgets, brand new clothes and toys for the kids and so many more things we chose not to buy; these things are nothing compared to the gift we get from our children being happy and loved, being raised completely the way we want. We choose the family style & life we wanted over the stuff we could buy. And guess what we are not missing out. If anything we are a much happier family because of it.


If you want more info on our parenting choices you can find lots of information on attachment parenting and research behind it at Ask Dr. Sears. Some books that I would recommend are:

I have read these ones, there are many more out there, but feel I can only recommend what I have personally read and found helpful.


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3 thoughts on “Parenting… A to Z Challenge

  1. You are so lucky to be able to stay at home with your children. I would love to have had this choice…so many women bemoan it but do not realise how fortunate they are. Great topic for your A-Z challenge 🙂

  2. Mandy,

    I read a couple of books by Dr Bill Sears many years ago, and just loved his ideas. They fitted right in with how I felt about parenting. I am grateful I was introduced to attachment parenting when my oldest children were still very young. I am also very grateful I have been able to stay home with my children. I know many women don’t have this choice.

    I enjoyed your post! Thank you do much for visiting my blog!

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