Pure Hazelwood, Review and Giveaway

I have been given the chance to try out a few of the amazing products from Pure Hazelwood. My daughter’s very dry sensitive skin and teething, as well as my fiancee’s eczema where my main testing points.

Pure Hazelwood Giveaway and review, these products are awesome

One of my favorite thing about the necklaces is how pretty they are. Some people who saw it on my daughter asked why she was wearing it and where shocked to find out it was to help her with teething and skin problems. They look great so they were guessing it was just for looks. Just check out how pretty some of these are. Now how does it work? The jewelry is made of 100 % natural hazel wood from the Canadian boreal forest. Hazelwood is rich in polyphenols and has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. This helps ease may problems people have with their health.

My daughter’s skin did show some improvement while wearing the necklace. Her head has gone from looking like it’s covered in eczema to looking like just regular cradle cap. She has also stopped scratching her head (as much) and we no longer need to put mittens on her hands when she sleeps.

Pure Hazelwood Giveaway and review - look at the difference on her head, great product

She has not yet broken a tooth, so I’m not 100% sure about the teething help. But there are some mornings where I forget to put on her Pure Hazelwood necklace and she is fussier than usual. The start of teething? Maybe, and if so the necklace is helping with that pain.

Pure Hazelwood necklace on my daughter. Great product!

I also got the chance to try out their zinc ointment. Great for diaper rash and eczema. Luckily we dont have an issue with diaper rash very often. Thanks to the use of cloth diapers & practicing EC. I did get the chance to try this on my daughter when she got an irritated rash around waist. Not quite diaper rash but as close as we get. It cleared it up right away (no pics as clearly this is a private area 🙂

Trevor also tried it out on his eczema. It goes on very thick but heals very fast. He put it on his “open” sores at night before he went to bed. It helped speed up the scabbing and “healing” process. He has never had anything heal his skin this quickly besides a steroid cream. Of course we want to avoid these creams as much as possible, so it’s nice that we now have a much safer alternative.

If you can’t wait to try the protect you can find a local retailer or order online.

One of my lucky readers will win a prize pack from Pure Hazelwood. It contains 1 – Zinc ointment, 1 – 11″ Amber necklace, 1 – 8″ Green Agate bracelet & 1 – 8″ Burgundy & Black bracelet . Just enter using the rafflecopter form below. If you using a mobile device that does not show the form, click on the link and you will be taken to the form on a webpage.

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  1. My little tired, fussy, teethingfashionista would use them most. Thank you soo much for the chance! 🙂

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