Quiet Time, The Best Part Of The Day For A Parent… A to Z Challenge

Quiet time, whether it’s nap time or bedtime is always awesome when you are a parent. When you are busy running around after a toddler that break in the middle of the day gives you the energy to keep going in the afternoon.

Quiet time, why I love nap time

Sometimes when the kids sleep it’s nice to cuddle up and join them for a snooze. It’s hard work being a parent you are aloud a rest too.

My favorite part about bedtime is not that I can wash more laundry and clean up the house (however these are great parts too) My favorite thing to do is watch them sleep. Watching a baby sleep is awesome. Even as that baby grows, even when they are a preteen watching them sleep is still a very relaxing way to pass time.

Quiet time, what I love about nap time and bed time

What is your favorite thing about quiet time?

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3 thoughts on “Quiet Time, The Best Part Of The Day For A Parent… A to Z Challenge

  1. Watching children sleep is a nice way to spend quiet time, but catching a few winks is good, too. I remember when I would rock my babies. I just loved staring down into their little faces as they nodded off to sleep. It was such a short, but precious time. I am very blessed to have been able to be a SAHM to watch my children grow up. Thanks for stopping by. I am now following you on Twitter, and Facebook. Have a fantastic week!

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