Social Anxiety is the WORST!!

Ever feel like you can’t breathe? Like if you do something you will stop breathing completely? Like you know you have to do something but your whole body reacts as if someone is coming at you with a knife?!

When you would feel so happy to just sit in bed all day! Never leaving because you know you are safe there. You know no one else will talk to you there.
Well this is how I have been feeling, especially when think about the things I need to do. The things I want to do, because I have a business that I LOVE!

Years ago I let this feeling take over my life! I stopped going to work. I only did the basics for my daughter. I woke up each day wishing it was my last day on earth.
Thankfully a councillor and anti depressants helped me though my rock bottom!

This time it’s different. I don’t want to give in. I don’t want to climb into bed even though my brain is screaming that it’s the best option.  I have dreams and goals I want to achieve! And I can’t do that if I avoid people!!!  I know I could feel happy with either option but I know true happiness means pushing forward and making my dreams happen.

Social anxiety is a b*tch! Especially when you are in a relationship business. It’s kinda hard when you’re terrified to talk to people. Like you would rather set your hand on a hot burner than look people in the eye :'(
When you are afraid to contact a friend and make plans as the fear of hearing no seems like it would crush your world!  It’s not a fun place to live!

Luckily I have found something I am passionate about and I truly want to share it with the world! If it wasn’t for my business I would likely be curled up on the couch only staying alive but not really living!  My dream of changing the world will be my saving grace, my husband, my kids, my Norwex family. I know the support is there and I refuse to turn away!

If you know the feeling I’m talking about know that you are not alone. And although it does not feel like it your friends and family are there for you! And if you can’t ask for support out loud write it down, just get it out!!  You deserve true happiness too!

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