Sparkle’s Adventures in 2015

Sorry it has taken me so long to post about Sparkle’s hiding places this Christmas. This year the holidays were much busier with 3 kids around and my new business growing. Hopefully you are following my Facebook page I posted there everyday and you would have seen them in real time. I am still posting here so the ideas are easy to Pin and find for next year.

Here is what our elf on the shelf Sparkles has been up to the first half of December.

Day 8 – Sparkles was hiding behind our advent calendar. Reminding us that we hadn’t started counting down yet.

Hiding with our advent calendar. Sparkles our Elf on the Shelf sure does find funny places.

Day 9 – She sure look tiny in our highchair.

Sparkles our Elf on the Shelf sure does look tiny in the high chair.

Day 10 – Sparkles must have spent the night trying to fix William’s broken truck.

Spent the night fixing up a broken toy. What a helpful little elf.

Day 11 – She had a game of bowling. Must have been upset that she was missing our games.

Bowling last night. Gotta love our Elf on the Shelf


Day 12 – Hiding on top of the gift shop. Hanging from the ceiling looks like lots of fun.

Just hanging around. Elf on the Shelf Hide and go seek.

Day 13 – Under Daddy’s Boston Bruins hat. Just peeking out.

Hiding under daddy's Bost Bruins hat. Elf on the Shelf

Day 14 – She found Liz’s secret candy stash.

Sparkles our Elf on the Shelf found a secret candy stash! Smart little girl.


What was she doing from day 1? Check out my first post of 2014 –> here

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If you have an Elf on the Shelf I would love to check it out post your links in the comments below!

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