Sparkles First Week Back With Us

Now that we are into the Christmas season our home is full of decorations, love and a funny elf named Sparkles! This year she it sticking mostly to a new fun game. Check out her hiding spots for the first week for 2014.

If you want to see where she is everyday please make sure you have liked my Facebook page. I try and post a photo there each day.

Day 1 – She took a safe hiding place on top of our entertainment system, on her first day back.

Playing Hide and Seek this year. Our Elf on the Shelf found a great spot for her first day.


Day 2 –  Great spot on day 2. I had to point the kids in the right direction. One of the kids favorite hiding places too.

Sparkles our Elf On The Shelf hiding in the curtains. And many more ideas from her first week back.


Day 3 – She hid very well today! The Hungry Hungry Hippos game matches her very well.

Our Elf on the Shelf hiding in the hungry hungry hippos game basket.


Day 4 – If it wasn’t for her taking off her jersey I don’t think we would have found her. Only her toes were sticking out.

Only her toes where left sticking up from the stocking. Thankfully our Elf took off her jersey and we were able to find her. Check out the post for even more great Elf on the Shelf ideas.


Day 5 – Keeping an eye on William’s room from behind his book ends.

Hiding behind the book ends on our dresser. Love the places our Elf on the Shelf end up


Day 6 – Overlooking the kitchen today at the top of the drapes. Our Elf sure is make her way around all the rooms in the house.

Our Elf on the Shelf hanging out on the top of the drapes. She sure has some good hiding places this year.


Day 7 – Sparkles was dusting last night! How happy am I!

Sparkles was dusting with my Norwex mitt! Love having our elf on the shelf helping out around the house.



Where will she hiding next week? If you have an elf I would love to hear about where they are hiding.



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