Spring London Baby Expo – How was it?

This past weekend I went to the London Baby Expo. Trevor was stuck working so I took my oldest and youngest with me. Our active toddler William was much happier spending the day outside with Nana & Grandad. If we could have gone as a family it would have been a great day out! They had TONS of things for the kids to do with dad while mom checks out all information and does some shopping.

How was the London Baby Expo? Check out this post. Iyou missed it this spring make sure you check out the one in the fall

This is a few of the door prizes. Many vendors also had big gift baskets to enter into as well.

Petting Zoo at the London Baby Expo

Some of my daughters favorite things were the petting  zoo, you could even buy food to feed the animals. The bouncy castles, they had big ones as well as small ball pits and tents for the younger kids.

Video Game trailer at the London Baby Expo! Great for the guys.

Rolling video games stole her away while I checked out the vendors close by. (I think this is an AMAZING idea for a boy’s party idea) Being a true girly girl she also enjoyed the shopping. She found her favorite item at Flower Power Babies, a beautiful zebra and purple flower.

Flower Power Babies, where Liz found the perfect flower clip for her hair.

They had a whole line up of activities taking place at the movement and music mat. I took full advantage of the infant massage with Happy Rocks Holistics. Emily really enjoyed it.

Baby Massage at the London Baby Expo

If you missed this expo make sure to like London Baby Expo on Facebook to get updates on their future shows. They have another one coming up in the fall! Hopefully Trev’s work schedule will allow us to go as a family. There was a great number of things our toddler would have loved to do.

Giveaway for London Baby Expo

Did you get to the expo? What was your favorite part?


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  1. Mandy, just stopping by to say hi and thank you for your responses to my tweets. I don’t often have conversations on Twitter so it was especially nice.

    I like the Flower Power hair clip your daughter is wearing. My daughters would love it too!

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