Start your wedding planning off right.

Planning a wedding can be the best thing you ever do. It can also be the most stressful one too. Keeping calm is much easier when you know what you want, and when you are organized. Keeping within budget can be hard.  But it doesn’t have to be, starting out with these tips can help you keep on track and enjoy the process.

Great tips to get your wedding plans off to the right  start.

When you start planning a wedding these tips can help you save time and money. You have to do what works for you and what you can afford. Trying to please everyone else will leave you feeling stressed and very likely over budget.

First thing you should do is get organized. A zipper binder is a great place to start. This one is nice as it has folders to hold extra papers and a front pocket for books, helping to keep all your wedding information in one place.  I do not suggest running out and buying a wedding planner yet. You want to get your freebies first. If you dont end up getting one that works for you then at least you will know it was money well spent.

Once you have your binder ready you need to get a few things started right away.

Pick a date or 2 – just in case your favorite vendor is booked on your first date. It can sometimes be easier to change your date than to change a location that you love.

Decide on a budget – and how much of that money will go to what service. Even if you only have a ballpark price say $3000 – $5000, you will know the price point you need to stick to. Everyone has something they see as the most important part of a wedding. It could be the dinner, the dancing, the photos or the dress. Decide what is most important to you and choose to spend more on it, perhaps cutting back on other things to make that possible.

Set up an email just for the wedding – This will help you keep all wedding info in one place. It also give you the option to delete it afterwords and not have to deal with all the promo emails you will get from vendors.

Make address labels for wedding shows -This is a very helpful tip. At bridal shows they usually have TONS of vendors, which translates into tons of giveaways, and forms to fill out. If you already have a label made up you can get from booth to booth faster, and save your hand from lots of writing.
Things to include on the address label:
Bride and grooms name
Telephone number
Email address
Wedding date
If you are traveling adding the location of the wedding (city) can be helpful too.

Make a personal label with your  wedding details on it. Saves you writing out all your info at bridal shows

Attend a few local wedding shows – Wedding shows are a great. You can meet all the vendor in your area in one place. They also have great prizes and samples. You will need to bring strong arms as you usually walk away with a lot of information. All the bridal magazines I used for my wedding planning were from wedding shows. Make sure you bring a friend to help and your labels!

A list of prefered vendors – if you already have someone in mind to take photos or perhaps your prefered location for the ceremony, make sure to take note of that right away. Try booking these first then let the rest fall into place around your “must haves”.

Remember it’s a big day for the 2 of you and it should be what you want. If people don’t agree with your vision you can gently thanks them and move on.

Starting your wedding planning off in an organized way will save you a headache later on in the process. Trust that the time it takes to set up these things will be time well spent.

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